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Linksys Gateway, two subnets?

I am having trouble accessing the internet through a linksys RV042 from one subnet in a two subnet setup. Here is our setup:

T1 connection to the Rv042, Ethernet Address of RV042 --> . There is another Adtran router provided by our ISP that has a MPLS VPN setup to a remote office, that routers IP address is . On the other end of the VPN there is another Adtran with IP .

From a host on the .56.0 subnet I can access the internet and I can also access hosts on the .2.0 subnet, however I cannot access the internet from the .2.0 subnet. I have programmed a static route in the RV042 that has as the gateway to the .2.0 subnet, which appears to be working correctly, as hosts can communicate between the networks.

When trying to access the internet from the .2.0 subnet the last hop the trace route gets to is the 56.2 which is the Ethernet interface of the RV042, however I can ping all the way to the outside interface (public IP) of the RV042.  MY ISP says this is a problem with the Linksys router, and Linksys says its problem with the ISP's setup. Any one have any ideas or suggestions? Is the linksys capable of being an internet  gateway for two subnets? Does additional configuration need to made to the VPN routers supplied by our ISP?
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
No, this has nothing to do with VPN since you can't route an address range out to the internet or basically through your local gateway.
You have two subnets, so try a few things here....

1) Make sure ALL PCs have their appropriate Gateway,DNS , settings on their respective NICs...
2) Make a static route for something like :  to your gateway of or you define your 2nd subnet of (Instead of the Which means ALL addresses will be allowed) static .0 so your entire subnet range is included and ensure NAT is enabled.
menreeqAuthor Commented:
Besides the Linksys, everything is controlled by the ISP so I cannot change anything on the VPN gateways.  They have assured me they have created a static default route ( for the 2.1 router that points to 56.2 . Which is working evidently because of the trace route results. I am not sure I understand your point #2, do you mean add these routes to the RV042?
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
It seems as if you have two gateways....One at location A and the other at location B, is this correct?
When you access the resources on the .2.0 subnet (alternate location I am assunming) does this have a standalone gateway provided by your ISP? Basically, I am trying to figure out if you have 2 stand-alone networks, with 2 separate gateways, at 2 different locations provided by the same ISP? And, the only way you can access the .2.0 network is by using a VPN session between the 2? Let me know.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
What is the network mask internally ?
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