Lotus Domino Mail Delivery Failure - Check DNS Configuration

Nobody in the Notes Domain can send mail to the internet. See error:
No route found to domain yahoo.com from server xxxx/xxxxx.  Check DNS configuration.
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1) Run DCDIAG,

2) Check ping by DNS name
see dnsstuff.com for a DNS report of your external DNS.

3) What has changed recently ?

When did it stop working ?

I hope this helps !
Can the Server ping say:-

ping google.co.uk

If not then there is a problem with DNS on the server.  It's then a case of going through the usual fault-finding regime (can you ping the router? etc)
Has anything changed since you started seeing this error ?

It could be caused by a misconfigured Domino server, or it could be caused by network problems... When you rule either out, please update and share some info.

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demsen1Author Commented:
The server uses an internal IP address  The server can ping the Passthru server (Mail gateway) that has both internal and internet IP - and 12.107.xx.xxx. The mail is bounced back as soon as you click on the send button with the error: Mail Delivery Error:No route found to domain xxxxx.xx from server xxxx/xxxxx.  Check DNS configuration
OK... So you have server which should route internet mail to server which will deliver the e-mail directly to the recipient machine ?

Which server is returning the NDR ? or ?

We need to figure out which server is having problems routing mails forward...

First let's find out where it went before it errored out! Check the RouteServers on the bounce see if it even reached the edge server.  Better yet, turn on mail journaling for all servers, and check the logs.

Note that we also need to know if the two servers are communicating:
2) SMTP as relay
3) SMTP as Notes routing

If you determine that it did not reahc the edge server, then the diagnostic will be different for the three scanerios listed above.
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