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DCPromo stops when adding windows 2003 R2 as backup doamin controler.

I am adding a windows 2003 standard R2 to a domain with one standard 2003 PDC. This will be a backup domain controller. Durring the active directory installl I got and error that said I need to rup adprep and it stoped the install. I Went back and ran adprep on the existing 2003 server and I am not sure if it ran becuse it took only less then 3 sconds to tell me that it has already updated. So I ran DC promo Again and now I get the same message and also it sayes The Version of Active Directory Schema is not compatible with the version of active directory on the active directory of this compuers. Afte I restarted the new server, I can log in to the domain but there is no active dirrectory under Administrtive tools
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