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Can't connect with Hyperterminal to Nortel Baystack 420

I need to connect to the 420 to configure it and I can't connect using Hyperterminal. Any ideas on how to do it?

Thanks in advance.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Coolie Sheppard

why can't you connect with the hyperterminal?  what type of problem are you having?

Make sure you have the correct com port (you can just try one at a time)

use the following settings

9600 baud
8 data bits
no parity
1stop bit
no flow control.

I just can't see the Nortel CLI interface. I am using a serial cable and trying to connect with hyperterminal on XP and I am using the settings steveexpress mention, is there anything in special when I connect I should do?, also, when I connect does it goes automatically to the CLI interface or do I have to do something else?, I tried pressing CRTL + Y but it won't work. Please help.

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William Peck

Have you used this PC and serial port to connect to any other device?

If you have another device you can connect too.. like a router, managed switch, try them and see what happens.  Also make sure that the serial ports are turned on in the bios.  

I ask because the serial ports on my box at home stopped working this past weekend.  Everything looked fine but it wouldn't connect.  I went to comp usa and bought a serial PCI card for $14 and it fixed the problem.

The serial port seems to be working fine, I tried with a modem and is working.

Can you tell me exactly what are the steps to log in?

1 Connect a terminal to the Console port on the switch.
2 Set the terminal protocol as follows:
" 9600 baud
" No parity
" 8 bits
" 1 stop bit
" Flow control set to Xon/Xoff
" Window Terminal Emulator option set to no
" Terminal Preferences: Function, Arrow, and Control keys active
" Buffer size set to 24
3 Connect the switch to power.
4 After the Nortel Networks logo is displayed, press [Ctrl]-Y to display the
Main Menu

Where did you get the switch,  have you configured it before,  did you reset to factory defaults
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I am pretty sure on that unit the only way to reset to defaults is using the console port and selecting "Reset to factory defaults" in the main menu.  

When you said you tested a modem were you using the same cable.  Are you using the cable that came with the switch?

Do you use Hyperterminal ?

Where do I find:

"Window Terminal Emulator option set to no
" Terminal Preferences: Function, Arrow, and Control keys active
" Buffer size set to 24

And, how do I reset to factory default?

The switch was configure before and I bought it used, however I don't know how to reset to factory default. Thanks.

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Not working.
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Ok back to some of my other questions.

Where did you get the console cable?
did you use the same cable to connect to the modem?
Have you or can you contact the person you bought it from?


I am leavng work in about 5 mins.  

I will check on your answers later this evening and respond.

1) I bought the console cable from CDW, serial DB9 cable.
2) Yes, I used the same cable to connect to the modem.
3) The person I bought it from does not longer has the password, however if I can access it thru Hyperterminal I don't need it.

Thanks for your help and let me know.
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I would need to test the device myself but at this point I would say its nothing you are doing wrong.  It sucks to say it but I think it might be toast.

The cable was wrong. It has to be an STRAIGHT TROUGHT cable not a regular serial. That's a small detail.

Thanks for your help.

I'm sorry I assume it was a straight cable.   Oh well we all know what happens when you assume.  

Good to hear that its working.
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click "Restore Default" in correct COM port properties in your Hyperterminal