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Offline files syncing

I have a unusual problem.  I took over I/T here after the last guy was fired.  My problem is i have replaced a lot of servers and 1 of them i replaced is the server that the users personal folders are in and they used to sync their offline files with it everyday(It was something setup i think by group policy)  I have gone through all of the group policys and cannot find it anywhere.  It may have been deleted but if i create a group policy to put offline files somewhere else it doesn't work.  I have tried first setting the Pc's not to sync and then set them to sync and no go.  I do not know where he originally got this setup but i need to make it stop.  You can't change it on the workstations themselves as they are grayed out when you try.  I have looked at all of the login scripts and none of them are set to do any syncing.  Any ideas?   The natives are getting restless on the syncing error messages they are getting.  Is there some way i can tell where the setting is coming from.  I have looked at both User and Computer settings in the Old policys but nothing is there.  I really need some help to get this issue resolved  All of the client Pc's are Windows XP Pro on the Domain here
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