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Having trouble connecting to streaming media with Media Player 11

I have searched the internet and have not been able to find an answer to this question.
When I click on this link in my browser, Media Player comes up and says that it cannot connect and gives me this error code: C00D11B3. Now, I know the server is online because it is sitting right next to me. I can ping it from ouside the building. I can connect to it if i put the address into Media Player. Media Player absolutly refuses to play it if I click on the link on the webpage.
My customers are complaining about the same issue. I know its not just me.

Why does Media Player refuse to connect to this link from the web browser? I can manually enter it and it works fine, but it won't work if I click the link.

www.kpay.com is the website.
mms:// is the actual server address.
This is a Shoutcast Server.

Up front answers:
I have pinged the server and its online.
I have connected to the server by choosing file-> open url, and putting the link in manually.
Windows XP and Vista Ultimate are having this issue.
Internet Explorer 7
Media Player 11
Digital Audio

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