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10202 database performance is very slow after installing peoplesoft application


I am new to peoplesoft application.  The database is oracle version and couple of days ago the apps team installed peoplesoft CRM apps on this database due to which the performance is very slow and I don't know where to start the checks on the database.

Anyone please give me things to look at with detail steps and with examples on the database side first and then maybe apps.  I am new to performance tuning as well.

I need all the help I can get ASAP since this is production database.

Thanks in advance.
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This is on solaris 9 box
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1) How does the explain plan look like for the sql queries which you think
   should get tuned ?

How often are the stats gathered for the tables which are used in the query. We have to use DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS(..) to gather stats which are required for the CBO ( cost based optimizer ) to generate correct plans for the sql statements.

2) check required indexes are present on the tables in the query. Also check whether they are getting used from the explain plan information.

3) Request DBA to check whether they have set the init.ora parameters
   properly which could have an impact on the database performance.

4) if database works fine and only after installing peoplesoft application you
   get a feel that the application is hanging, then you may need to concentrate
   on application tuning. Check whether some application forms are running in debug
   or trace mode .. if SO, then they might generate a lot of debug/trace
   information which could also be one of the possible reasons for slow

5) Is AUDITING enabled in the oracle database, then there may be slight delay
   because auditing has to be done depending on what we have enabled for auditing.

It worked fine in your dev and test and only became slow in production?

Compare your settings and objects between test and production
are the init.ora, tables, indexes, statistics the same?

If not, are the differences justifiable?

I'll warn you, I spend a lot of time rewriting peoplesoft code to get it to run faster.  You may have just inherited a whole bunch of "job security" to get your db running well.
I am an oracle systems dba but new to peoplesoft apps and it was working fine in dev,qa and stage.  The DB configuration/setting are same including stats.  Being DBA and responsible for database only, I need step by step or some documentation that guides me with examples to make sure DB is fine.  I really appreciate if anyone can provide more specific info then just general.

Thanks in advance.
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Sean Stuber

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