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Windows Server 2003 File Sharing

This might be a silly question but i have 2 different folders setup for sharing that are accessed only by 2 different users. Now the question is when a person from one desktop logs in to one of these folders under user 1 it works fine. When they then try to access folder 2 they never get a prompt for the username/pass. I set the sessions for these users to disconnect after 1 min of idle but still the same thing happens. What i need is the username/pass login to pop up each time every folder is accessed. How do i do this?
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So you are not wanting to use the Windows Authentication, correct?  Does this mean that mutltiple users will be accessing these folders from only two computers?

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If I was assuming correctly, I agree with ormerodrutter.  Would using the built-in security feature of Windows not accomplish what you are wanting to do, by another route?