How do I give my ASP permission to run WshShell.Exec in IIS6.

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Hi, I am trying to run a script that call's the CMD.EXE to pass in a build up ftp query. Security is not an issue since this will be run in an Intranet mode. The code runs fine under windows 2000 iis5.  So I know it's not a problem with the code. But I cannot run this under IIS6, it gives the following error.

WshShell.Exec error '80070005'

Access is denied.

I gave IWAM account full permission. in IIS and in Windows folder view. It has FULL ACCESS.

But I still cannot execute. An alternative solution to this would be a way to run FTP Download under either ASP that supports IIS6 or ASP.NET under IIS6.

I've been doing ASP programming on Windows 2000, I recently moved onto Windows 2003 and starting to move all my applications to Windows 2003. I am facing this problem with this application. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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