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I need to update a device driver programmatically!

I'm trying to write an application that will accomplish, behind the scenes, the exact same thing as if you go into Device Manager, bring up Properties for a particular Network Adapter, click on Update Driver (from the Driver tab), and work through the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard. Now, originally, I was expecting that there was an executable that gets launched when you click on Update Driver - and I was prepared to programmatically send the Wizard the specified information (by retrieving handles to the window and buttons, etc.) - but it doesn't appear to me that there actually *is* any such executable! It all *appears* to just be part of the Device Manager. So, I'm asking, is there a better way to upgrade a driver, bypassing the wizard entirely, or is there in fact a way to harness the wizard? Any help would be *greatly* appreciated!

Thank you!
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