Create an application that looks like another.

One not so idiotic question this time:
We have an application displays a window and some controls, not many, in example some buttons, an edit box, a place that contents of internet explorer is displayed (in BCB this called a TCppWebBrowser) and some labels.
The application run in full screen. We know the application's executable name and the location stored and so the icon used.

HOW LONG does it take you as a developer to create on your own an application same like that with the same name and the same icon.

Again thanks in advance,

George Tokas.
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George TokasAsked:
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The icon is not much of a problem (most IDEs allow to extract that), and given a class library like e.g. MFC, I'd say not more than a day - with full functionality.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
if it is done with any C++ compiler, even will be easy to copy and reuse other resources like bitmaps and dialog templates.
trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
since you already have the application and related icons it should be pretty straightforward.....

do a breakup as follows:

- UI design and proto - 2.5 hrs
- modifying the auto generated code to handle UI events -  5 hrs
- integration testing - 3 hrs
- code review and rework - 2.5 hrs
- final system test - 2 hrs
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an application that *looks* the same: less than an hour
an application that *behaves* the same: depends on behaviour. since you didn't mention about behaviour, this *cannot* be estimated. I really don't know what exactly trinitrotoluene estimated there since there is no mentioning of behaviour. I can come up with such a complex algorithm for the UI mentioned by you that it will take more than 10 days to implement it. so those 15 hours are by far unreal.

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George TokasAuthor Commented:
Again followup from my previous questions....

Except all those you posted immagine to have a PC with a compiler used to create the original application...
HOW LONG does it take you as a developer to add whatever functionallity you think of?

Don't bother to answer...
Maybe after some time I will make almost the same question....

Thanks EVERYBODY for your support.

George Tokas.
George TokasAuthor Commented:
>>PC with a compiler used to create the original application...
AND THE sorce code of the original application...
Sorry forgot it...

George Tokas.
>> immagine to have a PC with a compiler used to create the original application [...] AND THE sorce code of the original application...

>> HOW LONG does it take you as a developer to add whatever functionallity you think of?

to add functionality, depending on:
- complexity of functionality to be added
- if it is already written
I would say from a few minutes to a few years :)
George TokasAuthor Commented:
Link this Q with the other one with hidden url and password and you will see what I mean....
I couldn't be more specific untill today....

George Tokas.
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