George Tokas aka gtokas asks questions and asks for your support.

Hello experts,
This is George Tokas aka gtokas and I'm usually monitoring and propose solutions at C++ Builder TA.
As you can see in my member info page I'm also a contributing author at
So that makes me a relatively not a "yesterday born" in matters of programming.
You will see many questions from me these days in many topic areas that ranged from stupid to idiotic.
There is a reason for that and it is the following:
On early June of 2003 a tax investigation authority using a rediculous accusation took away for "forensics" the 2 PC's I used for developing applications and have my tax database.
I will not bore you with the full story, it will be published at, currently the first of five or six parts is writen in Greek which is my maternal language. You can understand that FIRST I have to write my story in Greek and then translate to English.
On Friday the 16th of November I have to be present in a court of law here in Thessaloniki Greece with accusations based on a "findings report" from that authority full of lies and twistings of facts.
Thankfully the author of that report ( in purpose in my oppinion ) states as expert that some things have ONLY ONE explaination and that is his own one.
Yesterday I asked 2 questions and that was also in purpose from my side, I mean BEFORE I post this one explaining why the first in the rank in C++ Builder area asks those rediculous questions.
I need your support here friends "experts" (I'm not considering myself an expert, just NOT a begginer) and  thank you in advance...
DO NOT afraid if a higher ranked expert posts something different. If you believe your oppinion is valid PLEASE go on and post an answer.
After Friday 19 the link will have ALL the details and in English so you will see for yourselves in what kind of country I'm living..
Check out my open questions please.
Thanks again in advance,

George Tokas.
LVL 16
George TokasAsked:
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi gtokas,

Ask away.  Those of us that have chatted with you in the past are eager to help.


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when it comes to a PC, no information taken from a PC can be declared "real".

I can create information on my harddrive that will show that google places sensitive information in publicly available places. or I can configure my linux router to show that microsoft is retrieving sensitive information.
etc. etc. etc. If there somehting on my hardrive, I can modify it and make it look like something else.

the only way to prove that some information on my hdd is indeed real, is if there is a "checksum" on some "independent" site and that checksum can be checked against the information. digital signing attemts to give such a solution in a more relaxed way (no need for that independent somebody).

so, bascially, since the harddrive was taken by them, if something illegal is found on your harddrive, it can be proven that it was planted there, and it cannot be proven that it was there before they took the harddrive.
if they want to hold that up, call me up and I will show themhow to place files on a harddrive in such a manner that whatever you do it will look like the file was there since 1990 (I am sure your hdd did not exist in that year :P ) or any otehr date. moreover, I can place logs of you chatting with george bush, or whoemevr you want, only problem will be that they will need to supina whatever chat server/service you supposedly used and get from there a confirmation/information of your chat.

anyway, we are in a virtual world. very little things from it can be proved to be real, however i court, it counts who states the realness, and since it is supposed that the police and related people say the truth. so .. some things can be deemed false, some things will be accepted by the court as true. the only way to fight expert statements is to bring other experts *demonstrating* the contrary. and thank god, in our virtual world everything is possible :) (I'm not talking about making the red color appear blue (but still beeing red, or a 3 byte file to BE 4 bytes, etc. we are under the "limitations" of phisics,electronics and math)
George TokasAuthor Commented:
Thank you Kent:-)

A VERY big thanks my friend even though we don't know each other well in this place.....
Don't worry, the full details will published in a few days, I'm currently writing part 2 in Greek...
The first VERY important part will be part 3.

George Tokas.
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi George,

Don't forget

It's good for about a 90 to 95% Greek to English conversion, so it should give you a very fast English draft that you can then just clean up.

Certainly beats writing it twice.    :^}

Good Luck,
George I've been out for awhile how did this turn out?
George TokasAuthor Commented:
Hi Gregg...:-)
The trial was finaly at Friday 24th of November 2007 and the verdict was NOT guilty...
BUT in mid May 2008 I got the final papers of the trial and the thinking for the verdict...
The interesting thing is that:
EVEN IF I made what they accused me for, I didn't broke ANY law...

The thing though is that they ( one person to be exact - the author of the "findings report") MADE what they "find" to have an excuse for pressing charges against me...
On June 2005 I found out that one of the two PC's taken from me and presented to me was NOT mine and - WHAT A COINSIDENSE - was not working at that time....

So the fact is that I'm finnished with them and I'm clear again except of course of my financial health and a part of the elevated blood pressure I have as a result...

But as I wrote in bcbjournal:

Ive been advised by people from that agency to end it here.
 Amazingly, I didnt receive any apologies.
The arrogance of some people is beyond belief.
I had, and still have, suffered great financial damage.
Im still outraged at their attempts to cover-up
their actions and plant data.
And, finally because Im Greek (you saw the
movie 300, right?), Im going to pursue things until
my final justification.
From now on, after all those illegal
actions from their end, Im not recognizing their
authority over me until all legal recourse has been

George Tokas.
I'm happy for you George.
Ÿ ˜µÌ ñ ÀÁ¿ÃıĵÍÿŽ.
Congrats for getting off the whole mess. Sounds so Eastern-European (I live in Bulgaria so this is not an insult in any way) that I can believe it happened (and apparently at least the guys there know what to confiscate - we had a few scandals here when the confiscating officers took the monitors instead of the machines themselves)
George TokasAuthor Commented:
If you visited you will see that AFTER I got the not guilty verdict I found out that part of the code I used at that era, that should located ONLY in the PC's I have here and those "confiscated", found as parts of another vendor here in Greece....
How I can say that??
Easy, those functions have signature for start end and specific length so wherever linked can be recognised with a hex editor...
I found one, but what puzzles me is that that specific person - the vendor - is like the old Mac Duck in cartoons, so I don't think that the person I'm accusing got any penny from him....

George Tokas.
George TokasAuthor Commented:
I don't want this question to be deleted from EE database so I'm accepting the first in line answer because I can't make a split...

George Tokas.
>> I don't want this question to be deleted from EE database

PAQed is not delete :) it just means that no points will be awarded and no expert will get his answer accepted/assisted. before the new clenaup system, the moderators comment was accepted. with the new celanup system, I think it will be the CVs comment which will get accepted. but in no case will it be deleted ;) jsut so you know in the future :)
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi ciuly,

I believe that we can reopen the question, and accept George's response to move it to PAQ without muddling up points.

George TokasAuthor Commented:
BUT first of all: SEASON GREETINGS my friends...:-)
Lets hope the new year to be better...:-)
The reason I don't want this question to be deleted from the database is to have a proof that I was forced to address the international programmers community to aid me....
Because in this third world country they are all afraid that particular authority....
Anyway I'm through with them but they are NOT with me when one of my PC's is out there somewhere....

My best WISHES,
George Tokas.
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:

And the Merriest of Christmases to you too, my friends....


Kdo: in order to do that, one must use the Request Attention link and ask a moderator to do so. I don't really care abuot the points, but if George wants to, he can make the move since he accepted in the first place :P
so George, it's up to you ;)

and season greetings to whomever has season stuff :)
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