set autotrace issue

I have a schema which has a PLAN_TABLE and also has the PLUSTRACE role and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE granted to it.
I typed the below sql command

SQL> set autotrace traceonly explain statistics
SQL> select * from tab;

188 rows selected.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.02

Execution Plan
ORA-01039: insufficient privileges on underlying objects of the view

SP2-0612: Error generating AUTOTRACE EXPLAIN report

          0  recursive calls
          0  db block gets
        751  consistent gets
          9  physical reads
          0  redo size
       7493  bytes sent via SQL*Net to client
        767  bytes received via SQL*Net from client
         14  SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client
          0  sorts (memory)
          0  sorts (disk)
        188  rows processed
Why is the error coming,whats the fix
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Tab is view based on sys tables. A normal user does not have privileges on these tables. that is why you getting this error. try a select on one of your owned tables.


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Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
check whether explain plan command works fine because looks like you are getting error while doing explain plan like

explain plan set statement_id = 'S1'
for select sysdate from dual;

select * from plan_table;

I agree with vishal68, you can try the same while connected as sys and it will work fine... you can also try "select * from dual" to verify nothing is broken. In fact, this is expected behaviour!
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