Photoshop CS2 Error : Memory could not be allocated for activation process. Please close all applications and try again

I get the following error while trying to open Photoshop CS2:

Memory could not be allocated for activation process. Please close all applications and try again

It used to work fine before. Can someone please tell me how to get this running again without re-installing the software.
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before you do anything as drastic as reinstalling, try rebuilding your preferences.

The preferences file getting our of whack is fairly common, its easy to fix, and if it doesn't solve your problem you're not any worse off, other than having to reset your preferences.

The preferences file makes all the things on the user interface play nice together. When tools mysteriously disappear or behave differently, when settings say one thing, but react in another, or perhaps when you loose a section of memory allocation, it usually time to rebuild.

Hold down Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys (folks who read this with a mac should use: Command, Option, Shift) while starting Photoshop. Do this before splash screen even comes up. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to delete the preferences file.

Or you can do a global search for r a *.psp file and delete it. It will be called something along the lines of "Adobe Photoshop X Prefs.psp".

Search for photos*.ini and delete (the file will be called photos followed by the version number - i.e photos80.ini for Photoshop 8.0, photos91.ini for Photoshop 9.1)

Adobe suggests that after you have reset your preferences and made any changes necessary, to  keep a 'healthy' copy of the Preferences file, so that you simply overwrite the preferences file if needed. That way you won´t have to re-adjust your preferences in Photoshop after a Reset. 

Adobe has more information on the topic here::

If this does not work for you, remember that you get 5 free calls to Adobe tech support each time that you upgrade. Most people ever use all 5 before they get a new version, and Adobe doesn't exactly shout the fact that you have some free help available to you.

Good luck,

David B.
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