Multiple exchange profiles in the same box

I have two .net programs using two different exchange profiles (MAPI?), one service application and one console application.  Can these two programs be deployed in the same box (Windows XP)?  In other words, can two different exchange profiles be used by two different .net application at the same time?

The posting seems saying NO.  I want to a definite answer and a bit explanation would be great.
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Stacy SpearConnect With a Mentor President/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Yes, even Outlook has more than one mapi connection to an exchange server, albeit with one profile.

Have you tried it without success? If so, what errors are you getting?
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Yes, you just have to specify which profile you want to use.
mn10191bAuthor Commented:

Do you mean that the two applications, each of which uses a different exchange profile can run at the same time in the same box?
mn10191bAuthor Commented:
I did not try it yet.  It seems possible.  I will try it.
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