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I am looking for job in UK as a network engineer OR IT support andI have created a CV after a long research because its come in to my knowledge that its very important to find a job that the person have the very good CV. I will very much appreciate if you guys help me out and tell me whats the problem in my CV, which part I should improve and how to make my CV look like a very professional.

My CV is as follows


Professional Skills:
·      1+ years experience in Communication and Computer Networking operations.
·      Provide 1st and 2nd line IT support to different organization national and Internationally.
·      I took training during the job of Communication Skills, Presentation, people management, and time management.
·      I am well organized and willing to learn more and more for good future and as well as better performance.
Professional Experience
Organization:            MRL                        
Designation:              IT Support                                        
Duration:                  10 Oct/2007 to (Three weeks contract)
Location:                   UK based South Harrow, MRL is a recruiting company. Established in 2000 MRL specialized in industrial to Administration roles such as Secretarial, office admin; call centres, technical, production, assembling, mailroom, distribution and logistics.

Key Responsibilities:
Ø      Network Management.
Ø      System configuration.
Ø      Ms Outlook Configuration.
Ø      Support on Sage (Act 2007 Evaluation Version) Software.
Ø      Support on Windows 2003 Server and XP.


Through this small contract job I learn how to be more productive and provide better performance and complete usetilization of time in short tenure

Organization:             Ensign Communiqué       
Designation:                Network Engineer
Duration:                    25 Jan/2005 to 02 Feb/2006
Location:                     Pakistan based Karachi; Ensign operates integrated global delivery platforms supported by a state-of-the-art and scalable infrastructure. With world-class service delivery center based in Karachi Pakistan with a total capacity of 150 workstations.

Major Responsibilities:

Ø      Network Management and LAN traffic monitroring.
Ø      System configuration and user helpdesk
Ø      Ms Outlook Configuration.
Ø      Call loggings.
Ø      System Documentation.
Ø      Maintenance and fault diagnoses of Modem, MaxTNT and Access server ports.
Ø      MRTG monitoring.
Ø      Maintenance and troubleshooting of DNS, DHCP, proxies, Gateway and Mail Server.
Ø      Active Directory Configuration.
Ø      Configuration of Firewalls Like MonoWall and Mandrake.    

In the starting I had responsible for the first three tasks for 2 months after that completing this tenure successfully. Then my line manager has assigned me the rest of the tasks and where as my colloquies were doing the initial Tasks.  


Aug 2006  June 2007      Blekinge Institute of Technology      Karlskrona, Sweden
M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering   (with emphasis on Telecommunication and Internet System)
Jan 1999  Dec 2004      Usman Institute of Technology       Karachi, Pakistan
BE in Computer Engineering
Occupational Skills Covered;

·      LAN and WAN
·      Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
·      GSM and GPRS
·      RF (Techniques, Components and applications)
·      MPLS, WLAN, IPQoS
·      Good knowledge of TCP/IP.
·      SQL Server, Java and C++ Computer Languages.
·      MPLS traffic engineering
·      Basic knowledge of Exchange Server


·      Research based detailed overview of MPLS with Traffic Engineering.
·      A detailed Report on Mobile Adhoc Networking.
·      I worked on VPN by using IPSec and L2TP protocols Microsoft Windows and Cisco Routers during my Final year Studies.

·      Possess excellent communication skills in English language, both verbal and written.
·      Possess strong interpersonal and presentation skills.
·      Ability to perform as a member of a team as well as individually.
·      Fast learning ability.
·      Self-motivated and initiative.
·      Very good knowledge of MicroSoft office.

Personal Information:

F.Name:      ****************
Nationality:       *************
Status:      ******************
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cooleditConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, Shieldguy

I do think that in our fast switching world of today you need to stand out side the crowd when looking for a new job. This is how my CV looks like, you can use all the phrases as you like.
My CV is a .pdf document.

This first bit is my header/apitiser

I thought a long while about writing a cover letter and have come to the understanding that you might want to know my personality more than my skills.

I am an extreamly efficient person who prefer to work in a streamlined company where the results
is what drives people and I have rpoven successes in my current job and in the past. I am a very good team player who loves to deliver projects/tasks before the deadline. I am also good at making decisions and have no problem in that direction. I do consider getting most valid information as possible before ending my decision phase. I am an excellent communicator who understands the gold in listening to people's concern and challanges and bring their ideas into practice.

But most of all I am an innovative person so I think abstract and that comes from my creativity in music. My creativity has also saved former employers a good deal of $$, in a specific network integration that saved a telecom company 500.000$ in one project alone. I am looking forward to start saving money for your company.

here comes the actual workin experience.

Dell Inc.
                  3/5-2003 Present
Job Title: IT Solution Architect
Currently I work for one of the top 500 companies Dell Computers where I utilize my people skills as well as my 8 years of IT experience. My main task is to Configure/planning large enterprise backup solution by using EMC Networker, Netbackup, Commvault, And Backup Exec. The main objective is to configure an optimized solution to decrease the Backup window and make sure a Disaster recovery plan is in place at the end of each projects. This job require a lot of self discipline and decision making process done for each customer to match their intention of a backup strategy and making sure there are no loose ends at each project finalization. I have received several awards, Gold award of excellence customer handling skills, Silver award of excellence for building a tracking tool to be able to measure work load of a specific job task Access database reporting directly to Senior Management.
•      Senior member of Dell Software Solution Centre
•      Solution Architect / Backup Strategist
•      Mentoring New Hires and less Senior Staff

Group 3G-UMTS also known as Quam
Job title: IT Solution Architect, IT Infrastructure Manager
I have in the past also been working in Germany for a period of 2 years, where I was contributing to an upstart telecommunication company. Here my first task was to move 90 users to new premises, later committing to many projects including LAN/WAN upscale from 90 users to 2000 where a lot of planning was needed.  In this particular environment we used Cisco and I was one of the decision makers for purchasing equipment for 2.000.000€ this is the project where I saved the company the first 500.000€ by up scaling the WAN performance and utilized the full bandwidth in a load balanced mode. One other project was IT infrastructure for UPS systems where by having the right information was able to save another 200.000€ to choose the right solution first time and never had to purchase additional UPS equipment even when we grew.

•      Exchange 5.5 – 2000 migration upscale to 2000 users
•      Solution Architect / Backup Strategist Disaster Recovery planning
•      IT infrastructure UPS systems, LAN/WAN, SLA handling 3rd party vendors
•      Power Planning, Fibre/Cat5 Layout.
•      IT Security strategies Extranet/Intranet/VPN with PIX firewall

Jensen Consulting A/S Copenhagen
Job title: IT Network Integration Specialist
In Jensen Consulting I was working as a IT Consultant on primary 5 different projects over a time period of almost 2 years.       
                                                1/3-1999 –1/2-2001
Den Danske Bank
Lotus notes 4.6 Rollout, impacted a project where we where approximately 10-12 people. We where to rollout the Lotus Notes 4.6 to 14.000 employees around Denmark. My main task was to visit 50 branch’s over 5 weeks install the software on all client pc’s but also give very short tutoring to the end user.
Reporting to the Team Leader of the Danish Bank Project Roll out.

Nokia Copenhagen
Year 2000 IT Security Consultant, gathering of Software vendors within the Organization of Nokia. Verify Year 2000 Compliancy for more than 600 3rd party software. Where there where no Year 2000 statement from Vendor contact them and insure year 2000 compliance to End user Nokia. This project employed 6-8 people from Jensen Consulting, I reported to our Project Leader.

EDC Real Estate
IT System integration from Token Ring 802.5 to Ethernet III 802.3 network rollout
For 100 users + servers. Planning and present new IT Subnet strategy. Reported directly locally to end customer.

Nokia Copenhagen
System Network, 1st & 2nd level of Administrative work for 1.600 users, Troubleshooting large networks on ad HOC basis, creating new approaches/White papers for trouble shooting procedures.  Remedy used for tracking end users request.
Reported Directly to Helpdesk Manager.

EMI Medley Record Company
IT System integration from Token Ring 802.5 to Ethernet III 802.3 network rollout
For 100 users + servers. Planning and present new IT Subnet strategy. Reported directly locally to end customer.

•      Lotus Notes 4.6 Network roll out
•      TCP/IP Protocol 802.3 + Token Ring 802.5
•      SLA handling and 3rd party vendors Compliancy

Key Skills

Language Skills: English, German, Danish mother tongue

IT since:       1999

Certifications:      MCSE NT, CCNA, IT Project Management

Additional knowledge:       Backup Strategist/Specialist, IT Networking, IT Infrastructure/Design

Operating Systems:      Windows 2003/2000/NT

LAN/WAN:      Cisco Series Catalyst and Routers, Pix Firewalls

Backup Software:      EMC Legato, Netbackup, Commvault, Backup Exec

shieldguyAuthor Commented:
b0lsc0tt: can you please advice me on this cv and tell me what should be done to improve it to get more chance of getting job

kind regards
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

I am afraid that question is way out of my expertise.  I am still working on updating my own resume.  Give this a little more time and, if you still have no response, then post again to get my attention.  I will then see if I can get some more attention to this.  Hopefully you aren't in a real rush for this because I would think it best to get various opinions on this.

shieldguyAuthor Commented:
Ok i will post this question again

can you please delete this question
Not trying to be mean or anything, but you don't have the experience to take on an engineering position.  I just did about 20 technical interviews for a network engineering spot in Africa.  The only person that passed the interview was a CCIE.  You would be better looking for a network administration spot.  You can use your time in that job to study and try different designs and approaches to scaling and/or building networks.  You also usually don't talk about desktop support or workstations at all in a resume/cv that is intended for a networking position.  You will want to talk about network devices managed.  It is better to acknowledge a lack of experience upfront.  I have recommended that people be hired not because they already knew alot, but because they were realistic about what they knew and presented a desire and drive to learn more.

I hope this helps.  Like I said I don't want to sound like I am trying to bash you, but you are going up against people with CCNP, CCVP, and CCIE certs that have possibly 8 to 10+ years of experience.  If you compete for a network administration position you will be competing against a much more realistic field of people that have very little experience to people that are getting ready to take on engineering roles.  
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