I know it's been asked before - Broadband Internet Teaming/aggregation Windows/software

Hi guys,

I know this question has had a bit of a flogging in EE, but I'd like to know a way of teaming/load balancing/aggregating 2 broadband internet connections, but only by using software. Both connections go directly from the router/modem to the NICs in the Windows SBS 2003 Prem Server box.

Primarily I want to be able to do this using only Windows SBS 2003 Prem Server built in functionality.
Otherwise I am looking for software that can manage this.

Please don't provide Hardware solutions, I won't be giving points to these. I am already aware of them and don't want to use them.

Additional Notes:
- We run Exchage & the MX record is on one of the fixed IP addresses
- We use ISA Server

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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To the best of mu knowlege it can't be done. You'd be better off with a faster connection instead of two slower connections.
gammAuthor Commented:
We need multiple connections for redundancy (eg, DSL & Cable).
gammAuthor Commented:
Surely there is a way to do this either by Windows or software? The routers that have 2 WAN ports would have to write software/firmware to enable the functionality between the 2 ports.
gammAuthor Commented:
gammAuthor Commented:
I found a better answer elsewhere, accepting answer as no other comments provided.
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