Remote's Stop does not return viewer to main menu

I have created a menu-based DVD. Main menu has two video choices. All works really well, except when a user presses the DVD player's STOP button part way through the view, it does not return viewer to the main menu.

This is the case, even if it is pressed twice. At this point, the remote's menu button won't get there either, just a blank screen. The user has to press PLAY then when the video is playing, the MENU button will get them back OR allow the vide to play to it's end, then viewer is returned to the main menu.

Does anyone know how I can achieve the desired behavior?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes I have heard that Sony Vegas is pretty good.
Anything is possible Jeff with the right knowledge, but you woudl be now be dabbling in scripts
You can add compiled scripts to the Scripts menu (the one with the script icon) by putting them in the DVD Player Scripts folder.
To put scripts in the DVD Player Scripts folder, choose Script > Open Scripts Folder, and then drag the scripts to the folder.

something like this
Menu Resume button
This script helps you tremendously to lead back to the correct menu, in case you play an asset from different menus, such as a main menu and a chapter index menu.
Is the user playing the media in power dvd?
This behaviour is not even in standard DVD you have stop the dvd first then choose the main menue. Select chapters?
Could be that simple use power dvd it has this feature. or simply get them to pause the movie instead of stopping it.
It is not really possible to diagnose this issue since you have created the menues and sub menues directories yourself. You may have missed something or if I understand is this via remote??
Way out of my expertise area.
I can suggest you post a pointer question to this at multimdia programming zone and also scripting?

What did you use to create the menues?
Adobe Nero etc??

Take a look at these snippits may assist you
DVD menues
Infinite looping and making root menu

If you could provide some more details will try to assist you but as its the week end Monday will pick up
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Hi Merte,

Thanks for the reply.

Your Q: What did you use to create the menues?
My A: I created it with Sony Vegas DVD Architect.

Your Q: Is the user playing the media in power dvd?
My A: I have tried both a conventional DVD player hooked to a TV & power DVD on the computer.

Your Q: This behaviour is not even in standard DVD you have stop the dvd first then choose the main menue.
My A: Hugh? I didn't understand what you were trying to communicate.

Your Q: Select chapters?
My A: Sorry, not sure what you mean.

Thanks for the links, but none addressed my question.

Thanks, Jeff
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okay lets see if i can clear what I was stating>> in reference to my comment>> This behaviour is not even in standard DVD you have stop the dvd first then choose the main menue.

I stated that in ref to your comment>>All works really well, except when a user presses the DVD player's STOP button part way through the view, it does not return viewer to the main menu.<<< when I play a dvd on my pc and stop it it doesn not return me to the main menue either.
 The only option i get is to resume from the last play or start from the beginning.
To access the main menue again of the DVD I have to take out the disc and then re-open from the beginning.
Is that better?
So I dont believe its a problem with your menue editing.

I would like to add good job with the menue editing its not a simple task.
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Hi Merte,

Thanks for the reply and the complement.

Actually Sony Vegas Movie Studio makes pretty easy work of it, once I figured out what was going on by looking at a sample menu DVD project on the Soy installation CD and experimenting a bit.

I agree it seems like other DVD's do that as well.

So, my original question: is there a way to create the 'reasonable' functionalty that I would logically (not necessarily from experience) want/expect?

Thanks, Jeff
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Hi Merte,

Again thanks for the reply.

Although a specific solution was not provided to 'solve' my problem, you've:

1. Confirmed that my DVD is in fact functioning as others do.
2. We're very helpful w/quick replies and resources for me to do some digging if I ever find the time.

therefore, I am awardng you the points.

Thanks so much for your help.

My pleasure thank you.
Hi Jeff
I too discovered this problem just now when checking over some DVD's i have created using Sony archtiect. In the case you havn't noticed , if you pause the dvd rather than stop it, you can then access the  menu.I have just checked commercial DVD'S and they are all the same. It looks like either someone never really thopught the scripting through when designing DVD's or possibly there is a conflict problem if it is done or something.Whatever at least we have the assurance that we are all in the same boat( though it would be interesting if someone found a dvd that did access the menu after pressing the stop!)
kind regards Paul ps i have just completed 6 dvds in NTSC format- hope they do work ok in the US as most of my customers are there. Cheers Paul from Wales UK
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Hi Paul,
Thanks for posting your comment. It was a helpful confirmation.

NTSC is the format we use here in the US. That's how I made mine w/ Sony Archietect and DVD -R disks.

I just received a DVD from a UK releative in PAL format. Although I could not watch it on my DVD player hooked to the TV, I could watch it on my computer no problem. So, if you ever get in a pinch and don't have time to re-render a project into NTSC, you could instruct someone to only play it in a computer, evidentally computers adapt to either format no problem.

saultopaul. Did you make that name from the Saul and Paul of the Bible? I'm a believer.

Blessings to you! Jeff

Hi Jeff yep sure did ! Every blessing to you too Jeff!  
I am just completing these dvds as i mentioned and having just joined EE have been searching for any possible titps before replicating everything. In fact i just saw a comment that has put me in abit of a spin! In Architect i have selected the audio format  MPEG layer 2 audio stream but i just read this
"Be sure to use Dolby Digital 2.0 or Dolby Digital 5.1 as those are the standard formats for DVD. If you use the MPEG2 of PCM formats, some players might play sound while others only produce the video like a dumb movie"  the link is
Do you have any thoughts on this Geoff?  Sorry i know i have gone off the subject a bit!
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Hi Paul,

That's cool! I'm preparing to go into ministry.

I don't think there's a setting in Sony Arch for this. I think it's whatever you create it elsewhere Sony Vegas Movie Studio or whatever?

Anyway, I've only made a few movies from mission trips we've taken, so I don't have vast experience. Ican't remember the settings I used in Movie Studion, but quicky I looked at my Arch. projects and the audio is 'PCM'. Can't remember why I chose what at the time, but I have not had anyone say they had problems playing them.

That other person's info maybe true, I don't know enough to comment. Hope this helps.
Great Geff . I appreciate your advice. I have sony movie studio but don't think they have the option for dolby. I would be surprised if there was a problem but i will check it out just in case. I would hate to have replicated 6000 dvd's only to have folks returning them  - in fact it would be a nightmare !!
And hey all the very best with your ministry.If anyone wants to know about the mercy of the Lord please send them this way !  
JEFFCECCHINIAuthor Commented:
Ooh, 6,000 that's potentially a lot of different DVD players.

With that number, you may want to investigate further by asking another question on Experts Exchange (EE) to see if practically this would affect many of your viewers. Someone with an "Expert" rating may be most reliable.
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