Should I let the sustem manage mypaging file?

I am starting with your solution first, however  since I need at least 2 more gig of space I will probably need to include other solutions too.  I am new at Experts exchange and am not sure how to do things  on it. Like responding back to a proposed solution, Do I need to start a new question like I am doing now, including checking all the boxes about type, area etc.  Anyway, I found the paging file and it was on my C drive but it was only for 1532MB. I changed C. to "No Paging File" and then went to D> which originally was  set at "NO Paging File" and I set it to : Initial -1535 and Max-2000.  I am not sure really what max should be and just took a guess at 2000MB. The thing is, there is a box for "System Mangaged" and I am wondering if I should check that instead?. I have not restarted my computer yet, am waiting to hear back from you before I do.  I will then take your suggestion and reduce the recycle bin.  After that If I still don't have enough room I might try that C.Cleaner , though I am nervous about some of these registry cleaner applications. My computer is a laptop so getting rid of the hibernate file might not be somthing I would want to do. Thanks for your help so far, Rick
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chaferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have room, I typically set the paging file minimum and maximum both to 4092.  That way, there is plenty of room and the file is a static size, so overhead is minimal.  I would not do system managed as it can be wrong.  Also, the extra space will not show up until you reboot.
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By the way, you can leave the page file on D: at this size permenantly.  There is no need to change it back after the defragmentation.
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Suroj ShresthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The recommended paging file if 1 1/2 of your RAM. i.e if you've got 1 GB of RAM the recommended paging file is 1.5 GB (1536 MB) and 768 MB for computer with 512 MB of ram however there is not strict rule about it. You can even use System Managed one but the 1.5 of your RAM is recommended.
slooprvAuthor Commented:
Sorry if I am fouling things up and not doing the right procedures for asking  questions, accepting solutions and assigning points. I am writing this comment in response to rindi,  and I want to thank rindi for helping me learn how to use this site.  I am not even sure if this is where I am suppose to reply to rindi's post.  I did get alot of helpful suggestions for my first questions and did use some of the advice, However I still have not fully resolved my problem since I still have not made enough room yet to defrag my Cdrive(although I am very close now)  Perhaps I shold try another defrag. program that does not require as much free space as the one on my windows XP. another expert did suggst another program but I would like to compare it with other possible defrag programs and try and pick the best one. before I go this route.  
Getting back to my proper use of this site, i am assuming that since I have not opened a new 0 point question in community support, general zone asking for the question to be closed, that this question and the previous question are still "open"?  I did try to accept multiple solutions to my first question and assign points but gave up after trying to get a spread of 20 points among I believe it was 6 helpful solutons and found no matter how many combinations I tried I couldn't meet these requirments with a question that had a total of 125 points, so I gave up and tried to assign all of the oints to one experts solution. I am getting quite confused on how to work this site. thanks for any help, Rick
This one is still open, the others I haven't checked. I just thought I'd post my above reply here because you mentioned in your post you were new here and didn't know how to manage things.
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