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Disable TV output

I've just installed an Ennyah MX-200 graphics card on a Windows XP box and I get the error message when I try to ply a DVD that the TV output must be disabled before PowerDVD can play the dvd (on my computer monitor) because of copyright.
That's new to me...
I've tried to find a better driver with no luck and I've tried the instructions in an answer on EE but I don't have the menu tabs mentioned.
It is not exactly clear which driver I need. Windows has automatically put up nVIDIA GEFORCE MX and "disable TV output" is nowhere to be found
Any help gratefully accepted
Keith Braithwaite
1 Solution
How about using another player to play the dvd like media player classic or maybe vlc player. I do think nvidia cards have a control panel and pretty alot of controls other than the one on the display card driver. Maybe going to nvidia website and downloading the driver for ur version.
The DVD player software is checking for TV decoders that do not support Macrovision. Some don't do a very good job of this.
Use an older version of the DVD player software that does not do the check or use a open source player that does not do the check.


keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll try that. The guy on the forum said it worked.
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hmm I never heard of this before either, no H definition anywhere? What version of power dvd do you have? Coudl be your version is outdated?
Is this happening only with this DVD? Is it your regeon?
try using the latest trial version of power dvd
if you bring up the power DVD, and drag and drop it to the secondary monitor BEFORE you start playing it, it works just fine.

 Also sounds like a setting in your card with TV out is not correct that's all, to dis-able TV out set  the dual screen options and put it back to single display.
I use Nvidia G force 6600Gt and have no problems running a dvd in Powerdvd 6 to the TV with full screen in the TV.
check the TV out settings is correct, things like overlay full screen on secondary TV enabled  using clone mode not dual screen then you dont have drag the desktop to the secondary screen TV.
do you have full screen enablled in power dvd for the TV?


keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for getting back to me - I'm still struggling with this problem.
I'm not trying to put the DVD up on a TV screen - I don't even want to. Trouble is I don't have a graphics card to hand without TV output! I just want to be able to watch a DVD on the computer monitor. I've tried several different DVD's with the same result. The other output on the graphics card is just a yellow cinch plug. (I have tried other cards with TV output on them and I get the same error message.)
I am using an old version of Power DVD - version 3 - I'll try the trial version but I don't really want to buy a new version...
I'll get back to you
keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
I shouls say that Windows Media Player 9 gives me the same error message
keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
OK. I've tried PowerDVD trial version and that overcomes the problem - many thanks.
However that leaves me with two other problems!!!
I'm repairing this set for one of our clients (as I've often explained on EE, I do voluntary work for an organisation in France which helps people who have dropped out of society and I run a computer section where we repair and sell old computers). I can't really buy PowerDVD for the client - especially as the motherboard I'm replacing (PIII 1000 Mhz) ran DVD's perfectly with PowerDVD 3
I'm replacing this mainboard with another (PIII 950 Mhz) because although the other one worked fine, it wouldn't stop when Windows shut down - that was one of my recent questions to EE...
Now the DVD's don't read - except with a program I can't afford to buy and I've even got bad sound on one fo the DVD's I have for testing (the film Cars.) The other one works fine - it is older - a Zorro cartoon film. Probabaly the set is too weak for a new DVD.
I'm in a mess!
Do I retry the old motherboard??? try to get it to stop. Do I wait till I find a graphics card without TV output...
I'll give the points however to this solution since it worked right away - the other problems are nothing to do with the copyright refusal error.
Many thanks
Hi, thank you yes your power DVD is very old.
your first comment
I'm not trying to put the DVD up on a TV screen - ok no probs.
I don't even want to.<< Ok
this part>>
Trouble is I don't have a graphics card to hand without TV output<< well yes you do this>> Ennyah MX-200 graphics card << is GeForce2 MX which has twin view.
I believe this is your card

R/click your desktop then properties settings<< do you see 2 monitors?
then open  advanced Then click on your video card  MX200 card, check the display settings if it has twin view enabled. Put it to single to display only. Apply.

The other comment I saw concerns me
>>> I have tried other cards with TV output on them and I get the same error message.<< these cards are very particular about drivers, you cannot remove these cards and add a different card without uninstalling the drivers fully before replacing with a different card. Or you risk probelsm with the video card.
You may have corrupted video drivers or devices.
What's the dvd rom your using is it a burner combo or just a dvd player?

take a look in the device manager then open VIEW tick to show hidden devices now look thru the display / multimedia
how many monitors is listed in the device manager a lot of default monitors?
 how many video cards or other devices do you see any yellow question marks?

Then run a directx diagnostic,
go to your start menue then "run" type in dxdiag press enter run your diplay tests
illistrated here

What is your system please?
Any details you can add will assist me to get an over all picture of what you have done.
Thank you

oops you posted prior to mine that's great to hear keithbraithwaite:
oh yeas I remember you too.
yes i know how you feel i do all this for free too. its a love for sure.
I check out schools for old computers .
Playing DVD is a combination processor speed  power and video display and ram.
No matter what everyone wants to watch a good quality dvd.
You need at least a processor speed of around 2.4 MHZ
1 gig of ram DDR2
PSU of at least 340 watts to run xp sp2 and including  DVD movies.
XP Sp2 needs a fair bit of juice.
If you love the old windows 98 you can also get by there.
There is so much really cheap bits available these days with computer bits but France I suppose is pretty expensive.
I would suggest you try Ebay

You don't have to use Power DVD once you have installed the trial it has provided the correct codecs, other DVD players free
media player classic
WMP 10 will also play DVD once you have Win DVD or power DVD.

thank you if you still want some tips let me know
regards merete

keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
A lot of info there - many thanks.
One thing I'll try is running the DVD's on WMP again. If as you say the codecs are now there it should work...
I do uninstall all the cards as I try them and I check for hidden devices just in case.
I didn't find a picture of the card on the nVidia site. Does twin view mean monitor plus TV or two monitors. There aren't two VGA outputs. Just one and the cinch plug. I'd already been to the site and I can't see how to download the driver fro this card since i'm automatically directed to an automatic download which looks at my own set - not the one I'm building...
I have put a DVD burner on this set.
I'm afraid we never get our hands on PIV's and 2+ GHz processors are out of our reach... However I usuall get very good DVD display on our PIII's. It's the first time I've tried (by necessity) a more complex video card and the first time I've had this error problem.
Good to hear that you do this sort of work - we've equipped a lot of junior schools with our rebuilt sets networked.
I'll keep you posted
Thanks again
. Does twin view mean monitor plus TV or two monitors>> yep,  it is 2 displays what you choose as your 2nd display depends on what the card supports.

There aren't two VGA outputs. Just one and the cinch plug.<<
A sinch plug is an RCA Plug
Cinch plug Is used for the transmission of asymmetrical signals such as audio line signals and composite video signals in consumer equipment.
check this it may help

did you get a chance top look at the link I provided to confirm if it is in fact your video card.
GeForce2 MX Product Overview

keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
I checked out the two last sites but without a picture or a diagram I can't tell. As I said, there are not two VGA type outputs -   neither does it have an S video plug as seen in the first article you indicated. However, I do have cards like these so that will come in handy.
Worst of all, I now have gotten hold of a few AGP cards (without TV output) and I've put one in the box- an S3 Savage 4. I get the same error message !!! And yet in Display --> advanced the TV monitor has a big red cross on it. I presume that the other driver is still in there somehow. No other cards are in the periferals list. Is there a codecs in there somewhere which looks for the TV connection? I'll try eliminating them all and maybe it'll reinstall only those appropriate to the new card...
I never had so much trouble with one box !
Sounds like a settings was left in dual or clone mode prior to removing the video card.
Do you have a system there that has been newly formatted  new hdd its not always enough  keithbraithwaite
it pays to flash the bios, that will remove any previous settings since the mainboard  (cmos) remembers everything that has ever been connected to it.

hmm your comment here>> advanced the TV monitor has a big red cross on it.<<  tha's okay if its in the advanced..
you should see only one single monitor when you r/click the desktop properties settings.
Do you have an onboard video card?, I would remove this new Savage card use the onboard, flash the bios and clean install windows, ie delete the partition that's a clean install then. With the flashed bios its a brand new system now.
The correct way to install these cards is the drivers first, then shutdown power off insert the new card move the monitor to the new video card power in again and boot it will find the drivers for the card and not use windowsxp drivers.
You can alos try moving the card to another dimms slot
Cheers Merete

keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for getting back to me. No there's no onboard video. I had that on the other mainboard and it worked fine. As I told you its problem that Windows shut down but not the MB...
I'm too scared to flash the BIOS. The only time I tried that I killed the computer and this one doesn't belong to me. That's why I haven't reformatted. There are too many things on the HD which the guy wants to keep. If necessary I'll off load all that onto another HD temporarily but I'm trying to avoid that.

"The correct way to install these cards is the drivers first, then shutdown power off insert the new card "
Do you mean uninstall the old drivers or install the new drivers before changing cards?
yes indeed, preffered method if you wont cant format the hdd, is in safemode,
or start the computer in VGA mode this frees the drivers exclusively, tap F8 when you boot then in the advanced options under safemode look down the list >>> start in VGA mode.
The desktop will be pretty big.
Then uninstall any drivers and re-isnatll before rebooting, you can do this while the card is inserted..
When you reboot it will find the new card and install automatically.

Its harder when you dont have an onboard vidoe card.
Have to go to work catch you later good luck
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