How to run Visual Basic 6 in Windows Vista

Hi Experts,
I'm currently using Visual Basic 6 on Windows XP. I wanted to switch to Windows Vista, but as i've installed Visual BAsic 6 to Windows Vista, I've encountered an incompatibility issue, I just can't make it run anymore, What should i do? Is there a patch for this software to run it on Windows Vista?
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Calmar46Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't understand the problem either. I have some old programs written in VB5, which installed properly in Vista. I run it as Administrator using XP(SP2) compatibility mode without any issues.
What is the problem exactly - it should work - at least according to the MS support statement
Jangomez74Author Commented:
ok, I have  to check the error message first and i'll get back to you, Thanks
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