IMAP, EXCHANGE and POP3 into the same inbox

How can i get all of my mail from 3 accounts to appear in just one "inbox" folder?
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calliemanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can

In Outlook choose Tools->email accounts
And create next to your Microsoft Exchange server an extra account for pop3 mail.
The mail will appear in your inbox.

So you can use exchange(mapi) and POP3 together.


no can do ......... unless you forward them all to one account.

You can open 1 profile which opens multiple mailboxes but thats no one inbox.
shskAuthor Commented:
i am aware of this, as i've got all 3 accounts opened, but i wanted the IMAP stuff to go into the inbox, just like the pop3 does - at the moment it is a separtate folder tree.
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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
callieman..... if you read my post I already said that but his question was to merge it all into 1 inbox not 1 profile.... which you cannot do!


you're totaly correct. IMAP is a pain in the #$%

If you use rules the hole idea of IMAP is gone.

However I've heard that Microsoft is picking this up as an issue. Maybe the next service pack?

shskAuthor Commented:
thing is, it has already been done on one machine here.

I cant contact the guy to ask how it is setup - could it be just simple organiszational rules?

Hello shsk,

You can set up message rules to move emails from IMAP folder to Local Folders Inbox. The following isntructions are Junk mail, but apply to moving email from one folder to another.

Hope this helps!
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