Hide Main section in Crystal report if the Sub Reports are empty

I would like to know how to hide the main section in a report based on the sub reports not having any data to display.
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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you talking about the section that the subreport is in in the main report?
If so, you need to set 2 things.
First, right click the subreport and choose Format Subreport in the popup.
Click the Subreport tab, then set the property "Suppress Blank Subreport", then click ok.
Second, go into the Section Expert in the Main report, click on the section name that the subreport lives in, and set the property "Suppress Blank Section"
That works if the main section is empty.

You need to get the result from the subreport before the section you need to suppress otherwise the section has already started to display and can't be suppressed except in the case of suppressing a blank section.

Is there a query that will determine if the subreport will be empty?

iaintarrAuthor Commented:
No. I am talking about the main detail section in the main report, this section has two sub report detail sections, each with a sub report in them.
I can suppress the subreport detail sections if they do not contain data, but if both sub reports are supressed due to not having data in them, i would like the main detail section, which they fall under, in the main report to be suppressed.
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iaintarrAuthor Commented:
mlmcc, the query is the one way i have done it, but would rather have less of a noose around the queries neck.
Was just wondering if there is indeed a way to supress the main section based on the sub reports
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know we have given you the 2 ways.  Is there information in the detail section before the subreport?

If not you may be able to have multiple detail sections.
Put the subreprots in the first detail section then based on a shared variable that returns whether there was data in the subreport and supress the subdetail section based on that.

iaintarrAuthor Commented:
i shall do the shared variable approach, see what happens.
Forced accept.

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