Eclipse problem "This compilation unit is not on the build path of a java project"

I downloaded the Java EE version of the Eclipse IDE, simply be cause I'll be writing JSPs and other EJBs later on.

but first, I wanted to write a simple java program that involves printing out text.

For some strange reasons, I keep on getting the pop up
"This compilation unit is not on the build path of a java project"
every time I press the . key. It seems auto complete is running into some problems that I am not sure how to fix. Can someone teach me how to fix this?

I've defined my own class, and I wrote a test driver for it.

so I have a class like this.
public class testdriver(){
      public testdriver(){

System. gave me that problem already. let alone the custom class that I wrote.

Thanks in advance
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samalrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ensure that the project *is* a Java project and not just a Project --
Eclipse treats them slightly differently

SamsonChungAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this just reminds me why I love Gel....
Welcome :)
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