neeed array() to have 3 elements

I've learned how to make an array, which is like a hashtable with Key and Value (or Item, Price), but I'm making a shopping cart, so I need Item, Price, Quantity.  I can't add a third element.
I can reinvent the wheel here, but I'd like to learn the real way to do this in PHP.
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nplibConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can use spaces,
and yes the amounts don't need to be in quotes as long as it's just the integer and not
$19.95, that would then be a string variable type.

$products = array(
      "Brown Shoes" => array(19.95, 0),
      "books" => array(10.95, 0),
      "pizza" => array(9.95, 0),
that way you only have to loop through one array
foreach ($products as $item => $values) {
    echo "I have $item number of ".$values['1']." that cost ".$values['0'].".<br />";

Yes this is an array of arrays,
the reason this is better, is if for whatever reason you had a null value, it won't throw of your key elemenets,
with a two arrays, it is possible that they could end up being different lengths.
Do you mean

$array = Array([$1.00] => "shoes")

or do you mean
$arrayPrice = Array([0] => "$1.00")
$arrayItems = Array([0] = > "shoes")

arrays can only one 1 value with 1 associations,

you can have a multidementional array

$array = Array(
    [0] = Array([$1.00] => "Shoes");

Can you give an example of what you want?
DavidWareAuthor Commented:
Hi nplib, thanks for replying.
I don't know for sure - I'm new to PHP.

I want to load an array with the values from 2 fields in my Products table, [Item] and [Price],and have a third element [Quantity] that defaults to 0 (zero).  

("shoes", 19.95, 0)
("book", 10.95, 0)
("pizza", 9.95, 0)
of course this isn't a hashtable with Key => Value, its a 2-dimentional array)

When the customer adds an Item to his cart, [Quantity] is incremented.
When the user views his cart, my code will populate a form with all items he's bought and offer him the option to update each item's quantity, which will rewrite the array.

Does that answer your question?
Thanks again!
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AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperCommented:
Looks you've been trying to do a simple array like

Got to agree, it would be nice if PHP could implement something like VB's data tables.
For now what you should do instead is to create a sepparate array for each item and then put all of them into one "global" array. like so

['item']=>(Array['price'] ="PRICE",
                         ['quantity']=10000)) OR

['id']=> (Array ['item'] => "ITEM  NAME",
                       ['price'] => "PRICE",
                       ['quantity'] => 100000)
where id is an increment/coutner            
AlexanderRConnect With a Mentor Enterprise Web DeveloperCommented:
I finished typing my commet after your comment so if you use mysql it would look something like

$i = 0;
while($rwProducts = myqli_fetch_array($rsYOUR_QUERY_RESULTS)){
$Card[$i]['item'] = $rwProducts['item'];
$Card[$i]['price'] = $rwProducts['price'];
$Card[$i]['quantity'] = $rwProducts['quantity'];
you can't make an array like that,

arrays have a key and a value and that's it,

you will need to do one of the following

make three arrays

$priceArray = array("19.95", "10.95", "9.95");
$itemArray = array("Shoes", "books", "pizza");
$quantityArray = array(0, 0, 0);

Then reference them by numerical key

foreach ($itemArray as $key => $value) {
   echo "I have ".$quantityArray[$key]." number of $value that cost ".$priceArray[$key].".";

or create a multidimensional array

$products = array(
          array("19.95", "10.95", "9.95"),
          array("Shoes", "books", "pizza"),
          array(0, 0, 0)

Then you have to reference the array just like an regular array, just with more elements,

echo $products['0']['0']." ".$products['0']['1']." ".$products['0']['2'];

will output 19.95 shoes 0
DavidWareAuthor Commented:
Well, does it make sence for me to make 2 arrays
("Item" => Price)
("Item" => Quantity)
then loop through both to update the cart?

you can also do that if you wish
to keep things more organized I would do this.

$products = array(
      "Shoes" => array("19.95", 0),
      "books" => array("10.95", 0),
      "pizza" => array("9.95", 0),
that way you only have to loop through one array
foreach ($products as $item => $values) {
    echo "I have $item number of ".$values['1']." that cost ".$values['0'].".<br />";
DavidWareAuthor Commented:
Would this be an "embedded array"?
Arrays within an array?
I like this!

Can I use spaces in the key of the parent array (so I can use it as the description)?

"Brown Shoes" + array(19.95, 0)

(and would 19.95 really need double-quotes?)
DavidWareAuthor Commented:
Oops, I wish EE allowed me to edit a last post...

I meant

"Brown Shoes" => array(19.95, 0)
"Paperback Books" => array("10.95", 0),
"Cheese Pizza" => array("9.95", 0),
DavidWareAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, both of you.
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