How do I pass through DT_TEXT fields in Fuzzy Lookup transformation

Hello Experts,

In my Data Flow Task I have a Fuzzy Lookup transformation. In the Columns tab of the Fuzzy Lookup Transformation Editor, if I choose a field that is a DT_TEXT data type, I get the error:

Validation error. Data Flow Task: Fuzzy Lookup [3532]: The data type of column 'event_list' is not supported.Package.dtsx

Any thoughts on how I may workaround this issue? I was thinking I would need to perform the lookup on a subset of the columns without the DT_TEXT field and then merge the data back together at the end. But, if there's a setting or some other way, please let me know.
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
unsure only thing i could google was

Entered by dwBiconsultant on 16/04/2007

In the fuzzy lookup your first aim is to keep the number of pass through variables to an absolute minimum. Use other methods to obtain and populate these columns after the fuzzy lookup has processed.

Next reducing the number of columns that the fuzzy lookup transformation has to match on also helps (but also partly defeats the object of why you need it in the first place =])

hope that helps
incidental74Author Commented:
Thanks cs97jjm3,

Yeah, looks like that makes the most sense.
incidental74Author Commented:
Thanks cs97jjm3,

Looks like that makes the most sense.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
thanks for the points good luck
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