exchange 2003 and outlook users

i have a user that i add the account of someone else so that they can check it many other users can see it but when i add it to this user and click the + sign it says unable to expand?
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sbtecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is, because the user that will open another mailbox does not have the appropriate rights on that mailbox... You have to give the access-rights in the Exchange-Enabled Active Directory Console (open this on the exchange server under Programs, MS Exchange Server 2003). Ther you can give the rights to another user. Be sure, the user is not member of domain admins or enterprise admins. in that case, it is not possible to open other mailboxes, because this groups are denied to read other mailboxes by default! Greetz from switzerland.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
thank you but I am a member of domain admin and I can open the user mailbox? i will check teh rights thanks
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i gave him rights under exchange advanced and mailbiox rights and he still cannot open it?
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Can you try to grant read/write right to each folder (Inbox, Sent Items, etc)
Try granting rights to the top level of the mailbox.  Have the other user right-click the top level (Mailbox - <display name>) from Outlook and select Sharing and add reviewer permissions.  This should allow the other user to expand the mailbox from the folder list.
It is NOT possible to connect other mailboxes using a user which is in the group of domain admins or enterprise admins! This two groups explicitly have a DENY on the whole Mailbox-Store. this is designed by Microsoft for Security Reasons! You should remove your account from these two groups and give the rights for your account to the desired Mailbox. So it works... Remember: DENY alltimes comes before Apply! So you can set 10 times full access rights to a user: as long as the user is in a group that has a deny, you have no chance! I suggest to create a second user for administrative purposes and give your standard user just the standard rights.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i will try and log on as teh user and see teh rights there thank you
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