Static IP Address shows as DHCP in properties box

Hi - I just set up a Win2k3 standard server with Broadcom (BCM5708C NetXtremem II GigE) nics. I assigned the server a static IP address and when you ping the address it comes back as the server I assigned it to, also says that's the IP address when you do an ipconfig/all. However, when I go into the properties box for the nic on the server, the IP address does not show up as staic, it says that it's obtaining a DHCP  I've changed the IP address several times and the same thing always happens. Any ideas?
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SkyggnaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the exact same problem. I contacted Dell Silver Support Team and got this response:

"Broadcom NetXtreme II devices have a driver that is intended only for Remote Installation Services (RIS) text mode use and WinPE environments. This driver does not perform well and is not intended for a fully installed Windows® operating system.
In some cases, installing this RIS-only driver in the fully installed operating system may lead to some issues:

Additional ?ghost? NetXtreme II devices in Broadcom Advanced Controller Suite (BACS) Inability to assign a static IP address to a NetXtreme II device or NetXtreme II adapters Adapters that are supposed to have a static IP address obtaining Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) addresses The Broadcom InstallShield Installer does not remove the inf entry or reg entry for the RIS driver created device. The failure to remove this ?ghost? adapter?s entries in the operating system creates conflicting information about NetXtreme II Network Interface Card (NICs).

To check for this condition:

On the Network Properties page, right-click a NetXtreme II adapter and configure the TCP/IP entry for that device.

Set a static IP address.

Click OK twice to apply the address to the adapter.

Open the device properties again, select TCP/IP and check the static condition versus the dynamic condition.

A system that is experiencing the issue reverts to DHCP and does not maintain the static IP assigned earlier.

Perform the following steps to fix this issue.
Uninstall all of the Broadcom NetXtreme II adapters from the system.

  Use the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Control Panel.

If the VBD and NDIS Client drivers were installed automatically,  uninstall all of the devices manual one at a time, both the Network Device entries containing the text 5708 in the title as well as the System Devices containing 5708 in their title via the Device Manager.  

Reboot the system.

Remove any Ethernet Adapter Entries in the network device area of the device manager.

  Devices titled Ethernet Adapter are the incorrect devices installed with the RIS driver.  

Reboot the system again.

I hope this will be of help and resolves your issue.


I followed these steps and the problem was resolved. Phew!
lol, are you sure that someone is not messing with you?? after setting an IP on a Nic the next time you go into the dialog box it should NOT show DHCP... the only thing i could think of is that the ip is already in use on your network and it is failing to set the IP but like you said the ipconfig /all on the server shows the ip you setup.. have you checked the event logs for any errors??
Chris StauntonCommented:
Using the broadcom software to team the NICs causes this, I really REALLY hate that software as it's not the greatest thing in the world.  In the end, I finally pulled the teaming software out and went back to a generic single NIC configuration.


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ah, i haven't used the broadcom software, we use intel nic's on the servers we need teamed nic's.  i'll keep that in mind though if we ever do end up teaming our servers that have broadcom nic's
kelleigh2Author Commented:
Uh, no. We had a server crash and I've been building a new one, so no-one is exactly in a joking mood. I realize that it shouldn't show as DHCP, that's the point - it does. I can change the nic address then immediately go back in and it says DHCP, but when I ping or do a nbtstat -a, it shows that ip address I just assigned to that server. No errors or warnings in the logs.
kelleigh2Author Commented:
I'm not teaming the nic's, though. One is totally disabled right now. How would I even check if the software is trying to do this?
i do have one server with dual broadcom nic's but they are not teamed..  open up the broadcom advanced control suite.  it should show one nic up and the other down, if it shows a team on the left then lilshooter is probably right.
Try stopping the DHCP client service. It's installed and enabled by default.
kelleigh2Author Commented:
I can't even find the broadcom software any where, so I'm guessing I just have the drivers.

Stopping the DHCP client service didn't help...
have you tried an updated driver off of the manufactures site or from broadcom's site? in case its a driver issue..
kelleigh2Author Commented:
Yes, I have the latest drivers.
Kelleigh2 - any resolution, I am having the same problem with the same hardware. John
kelleigh2Author Commented:
Hi John -

Yes, I finally found the issue. It IS the broadcom drivers. The driver suite takes over and tries to manage all the nics on the machine - broadcom or not, thus not letting you set the addresses. I ended up contacting dell and they had me completly unistall the broadcom drivers, reboot, then reinstall using the broadcom management suite .exe file - not by letting the machine autodiscover the drivers, or by pointing to the driver directory. This seemed to fix the issue as I can now set and keep set all my nic addresses. HTH. Kelly
Dennis KrohnCommented:
I have a server that has two broadcom nics with the same issue and it changes the lan nic to dhcp at 12:01AM every night. Do you know what engineer at Dell that you talked to get this handled? We have tried everything. I even got Microsoft involved as well. Do you have any procedures on what you did. I am at my last end.
kelleigh2Author Commented:
No, I'm sorry I don't remember specifically who it was.... it was someone from the gold server support team and he knew right away what was going on.
JlipkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same problem  after a Dell tech came in and reinstalled the OS, needed a larger partition on the c drive.  Dell has to get with the times and make the c much bigger by default.  

After the tech left I had to install some software and rebooted.  When I looked into the NICs properties the static ip I put in was gone and the DHCP circle was checked.  

I called Dell who sent me a so called fix, which lost the ip stack.  I had to reinstall everything OS and software - what the tech did.  

The fix was using the old drivers for the 2 Broadcom NICs, the name on the old one is:
BCOM_LAN_10_30_W2K3_A01.exe.   Use drivers that came with the server do not download updated drivers they will not work.
Here is procedure I used to resolve this issue.

1. Break team - Reboot the system, make sure that everything is out that we don't need.
2.  Open up cmd - set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 && start devmgmt.msc (Do not close the command prompt)
3.  View -> Show Hidden
4.  Under Network Adapters, Delete everything that says Broadcom
5.  Non-Plug and Play - Delete anything that starts with BASFND
6.  Go to system devices - Delete Broadcom and BASFND from there if so
7.  Add/Remove Programs -> Uninstall anything that says Broadcom
8.  Reboot
9.  Cancel out of any Found New Hardware Wizards
10. cmd -> set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 && start devmgmt.msc
11. View -> Show Hidden
12. Ensure that no devices have re-appeared
13. Uninstall Ethernet Adapter - Do not delete anything else (RAS)
14. Reboot
15. cmd -> set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 && start devmgmt.msc
16. View -> Show Hidden
17. Ensure that no devices have re-appeared
18. If so, delete them; if not - do not reboot
19. Go to the Broadcom setup and run
20. Reboot
Other way to solve this problem is going to the registry and do the following:
1.      Start > run > regedit
2.      Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network
3.      Delete the Config REG_Binary key
4.      Goto a local area connection > properties > select OK (This process rewrites the config key without needing a reboot)
That information I received from Dell Analyst.I had the same problems !!!
mirekg, your answer was spot on! Thank you so much.
Another satisfied customer here.  We had P2V'd a W2012 server with BACS teaming installed.  However, the SCVMM 2012 P2V process automatically removed the Broadcom NICs from the Device Manager, so there was little to be done using the procedures regarding cleaning out the uninstalled device drivers.

mirekg's fix worked perfectly in this scenario (and looks a lot easier, too).
Derix SuartyoCommented:
thanks mirekg, your solution worked like a charm :)
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