Can't configure factory default using "configure factory-default

Hi. I am using a PIX 501 and somehow the inside address is

I am having two problems:

I am trying to change to factory default and when I type the command "configure factory-default" it seems to accept it, but the inside address is still the same. Or, if I try to change the inside address by typing

ip inside addr    I just get the error message "Interface address is not on the same subnet as DHCP pool."

I can post the configuration if you need it.
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Yes, you can do what you stated in your post before last...or you can do the configure factory-default.  Just remember that whatever changes you make to the firewall that you want to have come back after a reload (reboot) you need to issue the "write memory" command.
Make sure that when you type "configure factory-default"  you're in "configuration" mode.  Alternatively, you can delete the DHCP pool with the following command in configuration mode: no dhcpd addreess <starting addr>-<ending addr> inside, where the < > is the actual ip address shown in your config, probably in the - range....  Once you delete the pool, you can change the inside ip to whatever you want.
Bert2005Author Commented:

Thanks. Yes, we did the factory-default thing in configuration or privileged mode. We just tried your command to get rid of the DHCP pool. It seemed to work, but then when we did a show config again, it was still there. Rebooted and was still there.

This is in hyperterminal. It just seems like nothing takes. I have never had this problem with a PIX 501 before. If it helps, if we try to use the PDM interface from a browser, it will get to the point where it is starting the PDM and then just hang there.
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You need to do a "show run" instead of "show config" to see the change for the running configuration.  Until you save your changes to NVRAM using the command "write memory", the "show config" command will not show the changes.  So, here's the order to try:

no dhcpd address <start_ip>-<end_ip> inside
ip address inside
write memory

You should then be able to reload the PIX and the changes should stick.  You can also apply another DHCP pool with the following command (assuming you changed the inside to the network):

dhcpd address inside

Don't forget the "write memory" if you add that last command  ;)
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks batry,

Dumb question. Do I add the

no dhcpd...... etc.  hit enter  then:
ip address inside....etc.   hit enter  then:

type: write memory?
Bert2005Author Commented:
Or since so many changes have occurred, should I just do the

Configure factory-default and then write memory?  And at same time or separately?
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks again.

We did a whole new factory default which brought the configuration AFTER write memory to

Of course there is an http

and dhcpd is

The ONLY problem is after saving with write memory and then rebooting the PIX, we still can't access the PDM using   It gets to where it says it is opening the PDM with the hourglass, but then it just hangs...
Bert2005Author Commented:
Finally got it to work. Nothing with the PIX. Internet Explorer wouldn't let it in. Got right in using Firefox. I changed I.E.'s security settings, but it still wouldn't work on that particular PC.

From the CLI on the PIX, check the version of PDM you have loaded with the "show version" command.  If it shows version 3.02 or earlier, then you need to upgrade it to 3.03 or higher before IE will work...
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks, I will check that out and get back. This is a great example of why troubleshooting can be so difficult when a variable that is not foreseen gets in the way. For instance, here we could not browse in to PDM due to the browser, so we continued to look at the configuration. We were just configuring this router on one of my computers, so it was only when I tried to get into MY PIX and couldn't, that we knew it wasn't his router. If that makes sense.
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