Remote Citrix Client Error "The remote session was disconnected there are no Terminal Server License Servers available

One remote citrix client getting the following error when trying to run Citrix Program Neighbourhood > ""The remote session was disconnected there are no Terminal Server License Servers available to provide a license. Please contact the server administrator.  The client is located a different site&company, we are simply hosting a small database for them.  All other clients (3-4) can gain access, although one other client had same error but issue was resolved when the DNS was flushed, different IP address assigned & citrix client reinstalled.  Same was done for problem client but error still occurs
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flannkAuthor Commented:
Yes, all the clients are running XP Pro.  I just got the support guy to export then delete the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing key > rebooted, tried connection again, & was successful.
So thanks all. . . . seems when I post here things work. :o)
Have you verified that there actually is a TS License server available?  What OS are your Citrix servers running, and what OS are the clients?
flannkAuthor Commented:
The clients are running XP Pro the citrix server/s Server 2000.  Our licence server, from what I can tell, is not one of the citrix servers but have checked on the server that does have Terminal Server Licensing  and it says it's actived. I don't believe it is this server that is issuing any sort of  terminal service licences thou because there are only two entries for TS cals totalling 6 licenses, none of which have been assigned according to the server, and we have many many more citrix users that this currently connecting without any problems.
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k.. this could be your issue then.  If your servers are Windows 2000 and the clients are XP Pro, you don't actually need to worry about licensing because the clients will be granted a "free" license.  This was a feature that Microsoft used with 2000 server but has since been disabled with 2003 server.

If this other remote client is not running XP Pro or 2000 Pro then it would require a TS license in order to connect.  Can you verify what OS it is running.  Note: XP Home will not work either.  It has to be XP Pro or 2000 Pro

I had the same problem and your solution helped !! Thank you.
1. Export the registry key HKEY_LOCL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\MSLicensing (just in case)
2. Delete the key
3. Reboot
This key gets recreated.
I had one user who was getting this error message.  This solution worked perfectly.
I also had a single user who was experiencing this same problem.  This worked like a charm.  Thanks.
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