How to create sample website using

I need to create 2 pages  only (for  our company internal network) using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
any free templete or code I can download it  or easy simple step.
first page:
*text file contain some details about the company + links to download some pdf files  

second page:
*sample forum- so any user can submit (his feed back, advertisement or put his command)
system info:
(server 2003 with sp2 + Microsoft Visual Studio 2005)

NOTE: Im not programmer (
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ZAABIAuthor Commented:
How can I use CSS templates to build my website in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005?
any steps to follow?
ZAABIAuthor Commented:
I mean I download free css from to my computer ,but Idont know where to past the code it in
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