Sonicwall 3060 VPN Client problems

I have had a strange issue with the sonicwall vpn client.  Users can always connect via the client to the sonicwall but at random times it almost seems like they are getting blocked via the firewall when accessing anything on the inside network.  Its random though because most users are ok then one day when they connect they get an ip as usual but they are unable to connect to anything, they cannot ping anything at all.  The only real thing that seems to solve the issue for a brief period is to restart the sonicwall.  

I'm just wondering if anyone could help at all because the sonicwall support seems to be useless for this.  Maybe someone has run into the same issue?

thanks in advance!
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bhnmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I remember having a similar issue with 3060 before. I think we set the virtual adapter settings to none in the global VPN config on the client tab. I cant remember for sure as this was awhile back.
lgropperAuthor Commented:
I would have assumed that you need to get an ip for the vpn to work.  seems to work without the adapter getting an IP.  Any idea how it works without getting a lease?  I'll give this a shot... only time will tell as it happens at random.
Gotta be something in the global vpn client.
lgropperAuthor Commented:
looks to be working! thanks for the help and quick response!!
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