Password protecting iPHOTO app


I have a client who wants to password protect his iPHOTO application.
I've already suggested using a different user profile to run certain applications but that suggestion wasn't accepted.
I'm guessing Applescript is the way to go or some third party app.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this?

Thanks very much,

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MathiasTornblomConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Remember to always create back up first! I accept no responsibility for any screw-ups, data loss, etc.

Here how;
Simply create an encrypted sparse disk image using the functionality in Disk Utility. Mount the image, and you will be asked for a password at this time, don't forget it! Put your iPhoto library on this mounted disk image, and treat it like any removable disk.

1) Create a new empty diskimage, make sure you encrypt it.
2) Copy your iPhoto library to the mounted image.
3) Create an alias to the copy of your iPhoto library that is now on the (mounted) sparse image in your user's Pictures directory (this is the usual place for your iPhoto library).
4) Launch iPhoto to test -- your collection of photos and albums should display normally while being read from the disk image.

You mean that a password is asked for every time you open iphoto?

or for sharing photos on the network?

michaelshavelAuthor Commented:
Everytime you open iPHOTO.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
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