WSUS Does not see any computers on the SBS 2003 R1 domain

I am a newb at wsus so forgive my ignorance. I installed and configured WSUS according to the MS docs and have successfully connected the server to download all updates, but I can't get the clients to communicate to the server, not even as unassigned.

WSUS show the error that no computers are currently regestered to recieve updates. I thoought it would find the computers on the domain and register them in unassigned bucket. How do I register the computers on the domain to see the WSUS? is there a client side software I need to run?

The permissions on directory D:\WSUS are incorrect is shown in apps event log.
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
wait so your WSUS server is installed on port 8530 but your url is pointing directly to http://server01?? 

If thats the case, then that is your problem, the url needs to be http://Server01:8530
You do this with a GPO setting:

Let me see if I can find it:
Yes, here it is.
jpgoodmanAuthor Commented:
I have that doc and followed it to the T
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jpgoodmanAuthor Commented:
Here are my setting of the winupdates GPO

Remember I'm using SBS
Setting	State
Do not display 'Install Updates and Shut Down' option in Shut Down Windows dialog box	Enabled
Do not adjust default option to 'Install Updates and Shut Down' in Shut Down Windows dialog box	Not configured
Configure Automatic Updates	Enabled
Specify intranet Microsoft update service location	Enabled
Enable client-side targeting	Enabled
Reschedule Automatic Updates scheduled installations	Enabled
No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations	Enabled
Automatic Updates detection frequency	Enabled
Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation	Enabled
Delay Restart for scheduled installations	Not configured
Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations	Not configured
Allow non-administrators to receive update notifications	Enabled
Enable recommended updates via Automatic Updates	Enabled
Enabling Windows Update Power Management to automatically wake up the system to install scheduled updates	Enabled
Allow signed content from intranet Microsoft update service location	Enabled

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Thanks JPgoodman, those are sweet GPO settings for WSUS:

I just reread the question, and the author says he can't get the clients to communicate with the server. I believe WSUS populates the list of computers much like the Master Browser Service in My Network Places.

So, I have a couple questions for the author that need to be answered. Then we can set get to these custom GPO settings that look very useful. Let's get you to communicate between the server and clients. Then we can update your GPOs.  

Can you ping the WSUS server by IP address? (Checking for IP subnets or on the wrong IP space)
Can you ping the server by computer name? (Checking DNS A records)
Is your computer running WINS, DNS, or both? (looking to see how you communicate with the clients and servers)
Does your server have a list of all clients and servers in My Network Places? (checking to see if you have blockage on UDP ports 137 and 138)
Do you have software and hardware firewalls that may be blocking you from communicating with other computers? (Self Explainitory)
How many Small Business servers do you have on your Domain? (Looking for a conflict between servers)
Is this server the FSMO holder of roles for your domain? (SBS needs to be the holder of roles if a DC)
Do you have more Domain controllers that have no problems communicating with the domain computers?

Please provide Yes or no type answers to the above questions and we can troubleshoot from there.

jpgoodmanAuthor Commented:
1 Yes
2 Yes
3 Both (it's SBS)
4 yes
5 no
6 1
7 yes
8 only 1 domain controller
WSUS doesnt use netbios at all - its completely independent

Whats the URL that you have specified on the WSUS server settings in GPO?

What port is WSUS installed on..if its SBS i am guessing its 8530??

Have you run the client diagnostics tool for WSUS on a client?
jpgoodmanAuthor Commented:

http://server01 (sbs default)
no do you have a link where I can download it?
Thanks Jay Jay for clearing some things up:

I understand that the server has a url that the clients go to for WSUS. But what populates the list of computers in WSUS? I always assumed it was populated like the Master Browser was, (through Netbios or WINS).
jpgoodmanAuthor Commented:
so simple yet elided me all the way.. as you look at the docs not one example reminds you what I should already assumed. the darn port!!!! you my friend have been awarded the points!

Thank you
I dont beleive so, i think it carries its can run WSUS on servers that completely disable the use of netbios :) I am not sure exactly how it reads unfortunately so cant give you a straight answer - i know it doesnt run on any prebuilt list, it populates its own (external clients can use a WSUS server based on reg settings etc)

Glad it works :) the 8530 has got us all at one stage or another :)
Thanks for the scoop Jay Jay.
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