Pass variable file path to batch file?

I need some help passing a variable to a batch file, specifically the path of a file.  My batch file looks something like this:
net use lpt2:  serverdesignjet
copy /b filename.plt lpt2
net use lpt2: /delete

It would be great if users could just drag a .plt on to this batch file and have it run.  Currently the have to move the .plt file and rename it, which as you can imagine isn't very fast.

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SteveGTRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could do this:
@echo off
set fileName=%~1
if "%~1"=="" set /p fileName=Please enter file name to processing: 
if "%fileName%"=="" echo Processing aborted&goto :EOF
if not exist "%fileName%" echo File does not exist&pause&goto :EOF
net use lpt2:  serverdesignjet
copy /b "%fileName%"  lpt2
net use lpt2: /delete 

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SteveGTR: are  you loving' this new 'code-snippett' feature or what? ;0)
Yes I am.

Although it does appear that some users attempt to paste the line numbers with the code. You can do it by starting the drag at the numbers. One user insisted it was a bug and asked if I would repost the code in a message.
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KPS2007Author Commented:
This snippet helped me get it running the way I like, thanks!
ROFL, that cracks me up ... and so you can!  Perhaps EE could consider rendering them in a way that they can't become part of copy/paste op (or even provide a download this as a "TEXT" file button).
That's a good idea. Because if one user can do it you know that more users can.
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