Local Security Settings, Cannot Add User to User Rights Assignment

I need to add a couple users to the Local Security Settings/Policy of a domain server (NOT a DC) to allow another app to access the box.

When I browse to the Local Security Policy and then goto teh Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment. It will not let me add a user to the Allow Log on Locally, Act as Part of the Operating System and Log on as a Service policies. When I open them up the Add User or Group... button is greyed out.

Underneat there is a yellow alert that says "Modifying this setting may affect compatability with clients, services, and applications".
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RTM2007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
member server was inhereting permissions from local GPO set by the DC
This could help,

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RTM2007Author Commented:
No. The article does not cover about settings that were not already modified.
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