Access denied error when trying to install drivers for NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420

I have replaced a hard drive and installed Windows XP SP2.  All updates from Microsoft Update installed fine, and all hardware drivers installed fine.  However when the video card is recognized by windows it begins to install, but ends up giving me a message that "An error occurred during the installation of the device" and then says "Access is denied".  I was wondering if this means access in the registry and if so what key?  If not the registry all other ideas are appreciated.  
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JonveeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> updates were already listed as installed <

See if these two methods resolve the issue .. complete the following methods 1 and 2 in the order that they are listed here >
"Windows Update Already Installed":
Have you downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA?
huskerdrewAuthor Commented:
Yes, I downloaded the drivers and they installed.  However, when I go to Microsoft update site I still get a "critical" update for "Microsoft corporation - Video - NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420.  When I try to install this update it fails and I when I go into the update history the error code is 0x80070005 which I believe has to do with permissions.  

If I go into device manager and look at my display adapters it shows there is an error with the adapter.  Now I try and right click and do an update driver.  I point windows to the NVIDIA folder with the driver that I got from the site.  Windows starts to install it and then I get a window that gives me the error I referenced above where it says there was a problem and says "Access is denied"
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Crash2100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried installing the driver in safe mode?
dreamyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i'd like you to download and run procmon from while reproducing the issue and then zip it and upload it to so that i can download it and check for file/registry permission related issues.
by the way, i would also like you to upload the windowsupdate.log file from c:\windows.

also refer to - You cannot install some updates or programs
huskerdrewAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions but this just keeps getting more weird as I go.  I uninstalled the driver so that I could recreate the error.  Now I have uninstalled and re-installed this driver several times today.  However when I went back to have Windows go to the folder and pull the driver it installed with no issues, normally that would be where I would get the "Access is denied" error message.  This was not done in safe mode either.  

I also am not getting the update for the video card showing up in Microsoft update anymore.  However I now have two required update for Windows XP showing up.  They are just updates not security or critical updates, but they are not listed as optional either.

The problem is that I have them install, it is successful, but then XP keeps telling me those same updates need to be installed.  After about 5 times of this I went into Add\Remove Programs and saw that those updates were already listed as installed.  Any ideas on what is the deal with Windows Update?

I will upload the Windows Update log as requested.
huskerdrewAuthor Commented:
I can't seem to upload to that site.  I login but I don't see anything where I can upload?
> can't seem to upload to that site <

Reference dreamyguy's request for upload to
Click the "Expert" tab, then click "Upload a new file" and you'll be presented with a "File upload" page.
Scroll to bottom, paste, and you're there!
huskerdrewAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jonvee, worked like a champ.  One thing I thought was weird though is that in my registry I have 3 SP keys listed SP1, SP2, and SP3.  Most of my updates are under the SP3.  Does anyone know if this is because the updates are after SP2 release?
huskerdrewAuthor Commented:
Great help from all commenters on a problem that could have been several issues.
Good, glad it worked!
> updates are after SP2 release? <
Not yet sure about that one, perhaps others can comment.  Can't be XP SP3 yet !

That's where this article may be of interest >
"Windows XP ServicePack3 FAQ":
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