Powerpoint 2003, Just print notes, not slides.

I would like to be able to print the notes, or place them in Word, for a Powerpoint presentation that I have.

Like printing "Notes Pages", except I don't want the slides to print.  I want to have them so I can use them during my presentation.  Putting them in Word would be fine.

Ultimately I would like to have the OUTLINE VIEW with NOTES.  Is this possible?
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Pc_IdiotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may try this as well, works for me, might not work for you but worth a try.

Url: http://www.data.no/Article.aspx?PublicationView=Show,648&Language=en-US
Get PowerPoint Handout Wizard add-in.  It allows you to create your own customized handouts with many variations.

Url: http://skp.mvps.org/how/
I, too, recommend, Handout Wizard as well as Slide Into Word: http://billdilworth.mvps.org/Add-ins.htm
However, neither of those options will give you an outline view with Notes.
Having said that, you can approximate it.
Click File, Print
Print what: Notes Pages
Color/grayscale: Pure Black and White
If you don't like the layout of the Notes page, you can modify it by clicking on View, Notes Master.

You could also use either one of the above add-ins for a more customized look and print Pure Black & White.
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