Acquisition of 2 companies running Lotus Domino 6.5

We have 2 Domino 6.5 Servers running at 2 different locations.  Both have different Domino Directory, different Domains. We need to consolidate the two servers in one; that every user has access his/her old mails as well. Is that possible that we move all the mailboxes of one server to another. How we can cross-certify the 2 different Domino directories and administrate from a single location.
Please advise, I am not an expert of Domino environment, having knowledge of different Messaging and Mailing Solutions, like Exchange, Mailer-Daemon, Postfix and Sendmail. So please also suggest the reading material in this regard.
Thanks in advance
Aatif Ali
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAsked:
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A couple of choices.

1) You can cross certify at the Domain/ Organization level - See the Noes Admin Client Help on how to cross certify.

2) You can simply migrate all of the users from one Domain to another by creating the new users in the correct Domain. When the cross certify is Done, you can give the users access to their old mail by adding in the New ID into each Database/ mail DB ACL.
See the IBM redbooks.
Notes Domino Best Practices, Security and Deployment.

I hope this helps !
Lotus Notes and Domino 7 Enterprise Upgrade Best Practices
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I've done this a number of times. How we do it really depends on the size of the company. FOr smaller companies, we'll typically do the initial cross-cert so the servers are accessible to each other and to users across both companies, then we'll do a big bang move. The big mang move consists of shutting down the "dead" domain's servers, moving the mail files physicallyo ver to the new location, moving the person documents from the dead address book to the live one, and modifying the domain name in the person documents. You can wory about recertification later. When each user comes in, we manually change desktop settings to  point to the new server and mail file, and the new directory.  There may be other files, e.g., server-based help files, non-mail applications, that also have to move and for whom the user desktop needs to be switched.

For larger companies, we'd do it in batches, but that means careful coordination, and prefereably, the BinaryTree CMT For Domains tool.  Somewhat expensive, but unless you have a crack Notes team and either a crack Notes dveeloper or a lot of time/money to spend on the project anyway, it is the way to go.

Cross-certifying -- you will want to do this at the certifier level (one cert cross-certs the other and vice versa).  All spelled out clearly in help.  That will solve it for the servers.  For users, either infomr them that they shoudl accept the cross-cert defaults when prompted for each server, or give them instructions (or a button) to copy the cross-certs into their personal address books.
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Dear Experts,

Many many thanks for your prestigious input. As far the comments added by our Guru Qwaletee; That is the simple task for you guys but as I mentioned that I am not an expert with Domino. Can any one explain me the big bang move step by step

we'll typically do the initial cross-cert (Done)
Servers are accessible to each other and to users across both companies (How to Check)
The big mang move consists of shutting down the "dead" domain's servers (Understand+Done)
Moving the mail files physically over to the new location (Understand+Done)
Moving the person documents from the dead address book to the live one (Can't Understand + How)
Modifying the domain name in the person documents. (Understand + How)
You can worry about recertification later (Understand + How I re-certify the migrated users)

Hope u understand what i wana ask

TO copy the names ovver, just open both address books in your Notes client ( he dead one can be a local replica or copy ), and select from the old, and copy to the new. ( Paste )  Ctrl-c and Ctrl-V work fine.

You will then need to do the Domain  Modification, and any other minor changes to get it to work correcty.
Test with a single user first.

I hope this helps !

Servers are accessible to each other -- use the console command TRACE Servername/Org

To check if a user can access it, have the user do the trace command through File -> Preferences -> User Preferences ... Ports... Trace

Note: Users may have to create a connection document first, in their own names.nsf (Contacts)

Moving person docs -- as SysExpert explained

Modifying domain name -- after moving the person document, just edit it.  There's a field with the domain name, just change it. If there are a lot of them, it IS possible to automate.

We'll tralk about recertification after everything is working with mixed certificates.
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert,
Thanks to All. I really appreciate your efforts. Your comments and suggestion really helps me a lot. But the actual problem solved with the help of local guy who demonstrate all the process you mentioned in your comments.
So I think this is the time to close the above question bcoz the problem has been solved. But I will give the points to qwaletee, he deserve for that.
Thanks All :) I will come again with a new problem and hope that you guys will help me as you did in past
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