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Our company employs about 15 engineers who visit sites for various work. We would like to text message them from the main office using a computer. At the moment we are buying credits on msn messenger and text message engineers. But sometimes it does not work. Is there any other better, cheaper way to send text messages. We have exchange server 2003 with SP2 installed. Please layout all our options.
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fsetoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which provider are they on?  Many have an e-mail address that you can send the message to, like <phonenumber>

Or you can try this website here:

The length of message is still limited, so you won't be able to send a lengthy message.
sergeiweerasuriyaAuthor Commented:
They are on different providers.
sergeiweerasuriyaAuthor Commented:
By the way the country in question is England. they are on Orange, O2, vodaphone, T-Mobile.
Cláudio RodriguesConnect With a Mentor Founder and CEOCommented:
Take a look at these links.

Hope this helps.

Claudio Rodrigues
Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
fsetoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:
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