Cannot receive email from specific address

Hey all,
 I have a customer who is routing incoming mail through softscan (managed spam solution) which for some reason is unable to deliver mail from one specific email address to their Exchange 2000 mail server, fails to deliver the mail with the following error:
reason: "IP" failed after I sent the message. Remote host said: 554 Transaction failed

Other email addresses from the same sender domain get through fine, just this particular email address. When I try to send a test mail spoofing this email address through telnet I get the following error:

554 Unable to process message: msg.1195215309.247295.4273 - error: Illegal breakage found in header: <Test_>

If I try the same test without putting any data in the mail it gets queued for delivery. Has anyone come across this error before? Incidentally I get this same error when I try putting any data regardless of the sender email address. Thanks in advance.
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ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerAsked:
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LuxtechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've had the same problem.

I've found though if the first data line is just a carriage return, it works fine.

For example:
354 go ahead
The above will return the illegal breakage line.
However the following works:

354 go ahead



Good luck!
I've never seen this before, but if it happens for only one email address, it might be possible that there's something wrong with the format of the address (like a non-ascii character, or an apostrophe).  There are some exaples here:
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Nope, there is nothing malformed in the sender email address, interestingly when I send a blank email (just a period after specifing data) it gets queued for delivery. I'm beginning to think it's softscan doing something bizarre. Example below: Hi []
250 <>, sender OK
250 <>, recipient ok
354 go ahead
554 Unable to process message: msg.1195220520.635620.11870 - error: Illegal brea
kage found in header: <Test_>
421 Connection Timed Out
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Ah well, it was just a thought.  I don't know anything about softscan, I'm afraid.  I wonder if it expects you to supply a complete set of headers at that point?  Mind you, if it does, why only for that one address?
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Think I've found it, one of the mail relay servers specified in the NDR has been blacklisted by TQMCUBE. Suspect softscan might be using this RBL.

Still not sure why it thinks I've put a break in the data part though. Bizarre.

Thanks anyway.
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
How wierd is that?!?

Thanks, it works.
great! Please can you accept my comment as a solution!
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