How to deploy channel push in Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1?

I have a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1 with about 20 mobile users. Currently we run business reports manually and copy and paste them as text in the email message and send out to some mobile users. I hear something like 'channel push' on BlackBerry and like to push out the reports to mobile users in this way if feasible.
For ease of discussion, here are some components that may be involved.
BB: BlackBerry device
BES: BlackBerry Enterprise Server with MDS
IIS: internal web server
BB -- BES -- IIS
Assume I set up a 'space holder' for this report on IIS, the report is updated daily on IIS (either manually or feeded automatically).
The report sent out looks like the following:
Date: November 16, 2007
Location    Sales ($k)
A                 1
B                  2
.........           ......

Q#1. What pieces are involved to make this 'channel push' work?
Q#2. How to develop a page for BB so BES can push the report to BB? Any smaple code will be very helpful to get me started.
Q#3. Any suggestions/ideas on how to achieve this 'simple-looking' goal are deeply appreciated.
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richtreeAuthor Commented:
The example is close to what I want. But I do not how to get started, not sure where to run the sample code. I have little programming/development experience. Would you please sketch the whole picture (of pieces), some steps (like cook book) for me? At this point, I just see the final goal, but little about how to get there. Help me, please.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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I'm not much of a coder either.

Possibly a prepackaged app' might help?:
richtreeAuthor Commented:
I am contacting to find out more. Thank you for your information.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
I found out there is an example of channel push.
I run it from command line and it work.
Q#2. How to deploy it to MDS?
Q#3 How to 'push' it out whenever the source content is changed?
Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Skinkers is cool but too expensive.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your ideas. They will count when I finally find the solution to my requirements.
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