How to remove auto created client printers

I have a client that has a citrix environment. PS 4, and he used o have an auto create client printer policy implemented. he has moved away from that model. Since they no longer use the auto created client printers they would like to the one that got created to be removed. the admin logs in at the console and is unable to delete the printers. Any suggestions on how to remove them?
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There's a fix for this to give administrators access to delete the autocreated printers.

basically all you need to do is create this registry key


Value: DefaultPrnFlags
Data type: REG_DWORD
Data value: 0x4000

Note: Add the Data value as a Hex number.
My company uses a utility called con2prt to delete/map printers. Using this tool create a login script for all of your users to get rid of the printers you don't want and map the ones you do. I believe the utility can be found on the resource tools cd for server 2000 or 2003. If you don't have it then you can download it here:

The website below shows the syntax of how to use con2prt to do what you want:

I hope this helps!
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