Exchange Server 2007 and ForeFront Secuirty

Hi all,

I currently have another exchange server question open... but i decided its best to seperate this one from it.

I have a single Exchange Server 2007, Im guessing i should install ForeFront Security?
--->What benefits will i reap by doing this?
--->Are ther any licensing issues? - is it part ofserver 2007 Enterprise license?
---> Do you know of any guides i could follow in installing/configuring?

Thanks, :-)

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to install Forefront, and there are additional licensing costs unless you have bought the Enterprise CALs. There are other products that do a similar thing. I haven't seen anything for Forefront, have to confess that I haven't even looked at it myself.

chouckhamAuthor Commented:
well this is what i was thinking also Simon, we have enterprise cals so i think i might have a look...
ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have been testing forfront for awhile.... I really like it as a product..

I have also tested trend as well... and dont believe either will lead to wrong
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chouckhamAuthor Commented:
There are still parts of my orinal question un answered. There is 500 points available and i will of course share these out.

Can anyone help me with my other questions?

Thanks, Craig
chouckhamAuthor Commented:
can you restate what we skipped?

Forfront is AV so it prob a good idea to run AV
you need Enterprise Cals for forfront but I believe you still have to purchase the product itself
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