Exchange Using Disk Space Quickly

I hope someone can give me help to resolve the following issues.

We have built a new exchange server 2003 std. I have mailed all the ailboxes from old exchange server 2003 std to the new.  The old exchage server is also a DC, that is the part of reason we need to get rid of this server.

However I have found following problems after I use the new exchange server.
1)The log file on  c:\problem\exchsrvr\mdbdata are growing very fast. Even I did full backup every night. It eat the c: very quicly.

2)When I shut off the old exchange server, the user can not view the group schedule from outlook and show the no information (all gray out) . This group schedule was created on old exchange server. However, I create a new group schedule, and show me the same problem no information. What I miss to transfer from old exchange server to the new one?

Thank you very much in advance.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you replicated all of the public and system folders to the new machine? If not then you need to. You need to follow the guide here:

On your first question, it is impossible to answer. Exchange logs everything that goes on. When you move mailboxes it generates a lot of logs. Logs are then generated when anything happens. Whether that is a high number of logs depends on many factors, including the number of users and how many emails they send.

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