What is sqlCacheDependency?

Can anyone tell me what this block of code below means? What it's used for? Why have it there?

	<sqlCacheDependency enabled="true" pollTime="1000">
			<add name="Pubs" connectionStringName="Pubs"/>

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John AccountAsked:
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hismightinessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That sections allows ASP.Net to work in conjunction with the SQL Server to provide caching of data on-the-fly.  This results in a faster application for the end-user, but more processing time on the server.
To be more specific, the data in the location specified in the Pubs connection string is cached for 1000 seconds, and this dependency is enabled right now.
ZeonFlashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It basically watches the database to see if there are any changes made, and if so, invalidates the cache.

John AccountAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys. I appreciate it very much!
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