UNC - Path - issue

I have some VB code that can take a UNC path like:
\\myserver\mydir as a parameter
the code interrogates mydir on myserver (or c:\) and returns files and directories - recursively -sucessfully

My question is this:
I want to interrogate c:\ on myserver but the code fails.
What do I pass the function to call all the directories on \\myserver?

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asawatzkiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it work to use \\myserver\c$
cookreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suspect the confusion comes from having share names the same as directory names.

If that server's main drive is c:, there's a good chance its share name is c$.
cookreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cross posting is such fun...
michaelrobertfrenchAuthor Commented:
\\myserver\c$ is the solution. Thanks.
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