Problem reciving email

Hello, no one at my email server running Exchange 2007 longer recives email, all messages are in queue with the error message "The mailbox recipient does not have a mailbox database".

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plt63640Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you reverse the steps you took in hiding the GAL and OAB?
ComTechASAuthor Commented:
BTW all this happened after following this guide to hide GAL and OAB:
ComTechASAuthor Commented:
Yes I have tried but no difference.
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

Managing application connectivity and security policies can be achieved more effectively when following a framework that automates repeatable processes and ensures that the right activities are performed in the right order.

Was any solution found for this issue?
I have the same problem, also after following that guide. Did you find any solution??
I have the same issues after following that guide... what did you find for a resolution?
Problem: You moved your mailboxes and it all seems to be ok, but then you see that messages are not getting through and the Unreachable queue is full of messages. They show "Last Error" The mailbox recipient does not have a mailbox database."
Solution : Using AD Users and Computers, move the users to the MyBusiness - Users - SBSusers OU. UIse ADSI Edit to check that all users are inheriting permissions from the parent OU. Then retry the unreachable queue (from Exchange Manager shell run Retry-Queue -Identity "\Unreachable" -Resubmit $True)
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