need to get RAC carda working on dell 1750

i have 4 dell 1750 with RAC installed on the mother board, they do not show up in th BOIS to beable to configue them, i hav eupgraded the firmware for the BIOS, RAID card, and the ESM and installed server manager. nothing shows up!
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jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure they were purchased with the ERA/O(rac). On the 1750 it is not a built it option. To configure it during post it will start the controller and you'll need to press ctrl+d, this will bring you to the ERA options.
Honestly I'd call Dell directly on this one. What did they say?
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CecilpierceAuthor Commented:
from what i am seeing it looks like there is no ERA card installed but there is a ESM port not the ERA card, thanks for your reply
CecilpierceAuthor Commented:
please close this question
The port is built in but the ERA card has to be installed. Here's the part#(s) if you want to install them 6W963 and R0229 will also work. You can pick them up on ebay for $50.
If jamietoner brought up the correct point, you should accept his answer instead of close the question and refund.

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