Second router of upper floor does not broadcast properly.

I have a high speed ISP service provided to my home. The cable that comes from the service is connected to the modem and from there to a wireless type 811G D-Link router so that I have wireless Internet access in the basement. Everything works there.  Unfortunately, the signal is not strong enough for the upper floor of my house. However, my house is hard wired, so I have jack outlets throughout the house. So, I bought a second router, connected one LAN port of the basement router to the wall which connects to an outlet on the upper level and connected it to a LAN port (not the WAN input) of the second router. I also disabled the upper floor router's DHCP, so it that it gets its IP address from the router in the basement and broadcast the signal to the wireless laptop of the upper floor. Both routers have the same SSID and the same channel. The problem is that the upper router laptop is not getting any signal.  Does anybody know why and how to make this work?
Erwin KrischAsked:
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some guides on the subject.
The second router would still have a base configured IP address, which is probably the same as the first router. Manually change the IP address of the second router to one in the same address range.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You should use a different channel on the upstairs wireless device.
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